UK Hivians January 2021

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It has been a month since I updated this list having set a reminder to do it on the second Saturday of each month. I decided to carry on what @pennsif started in compiling a list of who is active in the UK as well as those Brits who moved elsewhere. I do this via a script that uses a file listing all the people I know of who have been active since Hive kicked off. Anyone else can take the code and compile their own list for another country or region.

I have managed to find a few more people and some of the old ones have come back recently, including @pennsif himself. Most areas show an increase with the total active going from 92 to 106 in just a month. I consider an account active if it has posted or comments within a month.

Please let me know if you find or sign up anyone else. It would be amazing if we could double the count over this year. It only needs each of us to find one more person.

London & the South East (36/5/8)

@adetorrent, @andy4475, @atomcollector (@risingstargame), @basilmarples, @breadcentric, @chris-uk, @cryptogee, @dannyshine, @davidthompson57, @donatello, @fleur, @gillianpearce, @immarojas, @kgakakillerg, @lloyddavis (@steemcampuk), @maneco64, @molometer, @nakedverse, @nanzo-scoop, @nathanmars, @nickyhavey, @nicolcron, @notaboutme, @raymondspeaks, @redrica, @rmsbodybuilding, @robbieallenart, @sergiomendes, @spectrumecons, @stav, @steevc (@tenkminnows @swing47), @stormkeepergu (@stormkeepersmdk), @teodora, @ultravioletmag, @winkandwoo, @xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Voting: @bleepcoin, @ezzy, @kabir88, @markangeltrueman, @stickchumpion

Inactive: @dougalporteous, @dronegraphica, @hockney, @rosa33, @steemlondon, @susanlo, @the-busy-bee, @todayslight

The Midlands (21/1/9)

@abh12345, @article61, @beautifulbullies, @codelikeamother, @dannewton (@earthsea), @dawnsart, @dickturpin, @ebabb, @ellenripley, @fastchrisuk, @gribbles, @leighscotford, @neilru75, @neopch, @opheliafu, @rimicane, @rthelly, @shanibeer, @shmoogleosukami, @starkerz, @ura-soul

Voting: @skaarl

Inactive: @audreyvr, @bettynoir, @brianbrogan1960, @fizogphotography, @flashpointstudio, @jaytaylor, @martaesperanza, @purplephoto, @wildonewon

The South West (7/1/1)

@adambarratt, @davidlionfish, @diveratt, @jonboka, @sharpshot, @sunsethunter, @wolven-znz

Voting: @jimbobbill

Inactive: @perceptualflaws

The North (11/9/1)

@ashtv, @c0ff33a (@whiterosecoffee), @darrenclaxton, @darrenflinders, @jphamer1, @jskitty, @pcste, @raj808, @richgaynor, @slobberchops, @teamhumble

Voting: @adamfryda-art, @artonmysleeve, @cryptocurator, @dizzydiscovery, @goblinknackers, @lastravage, @someguy123, @stevenwood, @vraba

Inactive: @mckeever

Scotland (6/2/3)

@barge, @cadawg, @camuel, @epicdave, @kevmcc, @meesterboom

Voting: @btcvenom, @natubat

Inactive: @danaidhbee, @highlandwalker, @jubei333

Wales (5/3/1)

@grindle, @louisthomas, @pennsif, @theturtleproject, @welshstacker

Voting: @elizabethharvey, @p-props, @stevelivingston

Inactive: @trolleydave

Northern Ireland (1/0/0)


Somewhere in the UK... (3/3/1)

@fadetoblack, @mudcat36, @tommyrobinson

Voting: @djsl82, @gmuxx, @pjau

Inactive: @vibeof100monkeys

Expats (16/1/2)

@cryptoandcoffee (South Africa), @eco-alex (Planet Earth), @jeffandhisguitar (SE Asia), @livinguktaiwan (Taiwan), @lucylin, @millycf1976 (Philippines), @minismallholding (Australia), @moonyoga (Portugal), @nathen007 (Thailand), @revisesociology (Portugal), @samstonehill (France), @scubahead (Philippines), @sebcam (USA), @starkerz (Cyberspace?), @tggr (Singapore), @trucklife-family (The Earth)

Voting: @rycharde (@accelerator Thailand)

Inactive: @biggypauls (Philippines), @ripebanana (Trinidad and Tobago)

Total active UK: 90, Expats: 16

UK Witnesses

@someguy123, @ura-soul, @cadawg, @whiterosecoffee, @c0ff33a, @nathanmars


Im still very much active here,old name was Jubei333 that account is not active I fancied a name change and new start here so I'm currently using this name.Still in Scotland for now.

How come we don't see you over at the Open mic event anymore Steev? Im the only UK open mic guy posting regualrly.

@cabelindsay runs it now , there's no competition just an organised audience .As far as I know cabe and I are the only 2 entering that are not from South America,it seems everyone else is Venezuelan,I love the Spanish entries even tho I dont speak more than 3 words of Spanish.

You should join in and help represent the UK :)

I'll update the list for this to be your primary account. I am sure there must be more people active out there. Let me know if you find any. It would be great to get over 100.

I got out of the open mic habit, partly due to the suggested topics not inspiring me. I am still doing music posts such as #TeleTuesday and have just started learning to play drums. I've been doing some collaborations with friends too. I'll see if I can find something to do on open mic soon.


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Good work keeping the list going Steve. And nice to here pennsif is back posting. I must admit I was worried what might have happened to him.

I hope to keep it going. Having automated the process makes it easier. I think monthly is often enough. I'll keep looking for more people.

Glad we're back above 100 again, thanks for putting the list together, hopefully the numbers can shoot up like BTC has been... And stay there!

A better HIVE price could bring more back. I don't get that people say it's too low to be worth posting. I keep gaining more that I am fairly confident will grow in value.


Ironically, now IS the time to be posting as there's less competition for Hive in the rewards pool but each to their own hey

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Hi Steve! Thank you for including me, despite my inactivity. I have just posted for the first time in quite a while. It's good to know that there are so many Brits here on Hive. It's a total headfuck living here atm - what a shitshow :/ I must do better at staying in touch and connecting with new people, too... ❤

Life will go on and maybe improve. There are worse places to be even with the issues we have.

Hi @steevc,
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This is quite a biggie.
It for me wishing I was in the UK already.
Well, lemme keep active on the platform and hope a light of fortune will soon shine on me

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You guys are hugeeee

Someone needs to do this for Nigeria. You may have more people.

Thanks for the mention👍🏾

happy New year to you and your family 🎉🎉🎉🍻🍻🍻

Great to see how many folk are on here from the U.K, I'm from Ireland though, so don't qualify. I'm not even sure how many other Irish are here xxxx Hope you have a great weekend @steevc xx

Maybe someone needs to do a list for Ireland. I know a few people from there, but not sure how many are active. I think there used to be meetups in Dublin. Just find 100 people and you can beat the UK!

Great work Steve! Thank you for keeping this going!

Just working on the next one :)

Keep me on the Midlands list for now, I don't want to jinx the potential Expat status :)

Can list you wherever you prefer. I know you won't be going inactive any time soon.

Thanks for the reminder that pennsif is back. I've been meaning to pop in for a visit to his account.

I hadn't realised how few we are in the UK. Thanks for the update. I will have a look at the UK witnesses.

We are thinly spread. Need a recruitment drive this year.

Yes, but it's looking good with LeoFinance and 3Speak to name a few.