UK Hivians December 2020

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Last month I attempted to update the UK Hivians list that @pennsif used to produce. He has been AWOL for a while, but I hope he is okay. I had several responses to alert me to other people and I have found a few more since. Compiling that first list was a mainly manual process, but I have since automated it using some Python and the beem library by @holger80. I just have to add people to a file and my script checks for activity in the last month. I split it into people who have posted or comments, those just voting (probably automated) and totally inactive. I am open to suggestions on how this could be improved.

My attempt at a flag. Maybe someone can do a better one.

If you know of anyone who is missing then let me know and I will add them for next month.

Overall we have lost one active user since last month. I would hope we can reverse that to start 2021.

London & the South East (29/6/9)

@adetorrent, @andy4475, @atomcollector, @basilmarples, @bleepcoin, @breadcentric, @chris-uk, @cryptogee, @dannyshine, @donatello, @gillianpearce, @immarojas, @kabir88, @kgakakillerg, @lloyddavis, @maneco64, @molometer, @nathanmars, @nickyhavey, @nicolcron, @rmsbodybuilding, @robbieallenart, @sergiomendes, @spectrumecons, @stav, @steevc, @stickchumpion, @teodora, @ultravioletmag

Voting: @ezzy, @markangeltrueman, @nakedverse, @nanzo-scoop, @redrica, @winkandwoo

Inactive: @dougalporteous, @dronegraphica, @fleur, @hockney, @rosa33, @steemlondon, @stormkeepersmdk, @susanlo, @todayslight

The Midlands (19/4/3)

@abh12345, @article61, @brianbrogan1960, @codelikeamother, @dannewton, @dawnsart, @dickturpin, @ellenripley, @fastchrisuk, @gribbles, @martaesperanza, @neilru75, @neopch, @opheliafu, @richgaynor, @rthelly, @shanibeer, @shmoogleosukami, @ura-soul

Voting: @beautifulbullies, @leighscotford, @skaarl, @starkerz

Inactive: @bettynoir, @jaytaylor, @rimicane

The South West (6/0/2)

@adambarratt, @davidlionfish, @jimbobbill, @jonboka, @sharpshot, @wolven-znz

Inactive: @perceptualflaws, @sunsethunter

The North (11/7/1)

@adamfryda-art, @ashtv, @c0ff33a, @darrenclaxton, @goblinknackers, @raj808, @slobberchops, @someguy123, @stevenwood, @teamhumble, @vraba

Voting: @artonmysleeve, @cryptocurator, @dizzydiscovery, @jskitty, @lastravage, @pcste, @whiterosecoffee

Inactive: @mckeever

Scotland (7/1/1)

@barge, @cadawg, @camuel, @epicdave, @jubei333, @kevmcc, @meesterboom

Voting: @btcvenom

Inactive: @danaidhbee

Wales (4/3/1)

@grindle, @louisthomas, @theturtleproject, @welshstacker

Voting: @elizabethharvey, @p-props, @stevelivingston

Inactive: @pennsif

Northern Ireland (1/0/0)


Somewhere in the UK... (3/4/2)

@fadetoblack, @raymondspeaks, @tommyrobinson

Voting: @djsl82, @gmuxx, @pjau, @steemcampuk

Inactive: @mudcat36, @vibeof100monkeys

Expats (12/2/1)

@cryptoandcoffee (South Africa), @diveratt (Philippines), @livinguktaiwan (Taiwan), @lucylin, @millycf1976 (Philippines), @minismallholding (Australia), @moonyoga (Portugal), @nathen007 (Thailand), @revisesociology (Portugal), @rycharde (@accelerator Thailand), @scubahead (Philippines), @sebcam (USA)

Voting: @jeffandhisguitar (SE Asia), @tggr (Singapore)

Inactive: @biggypauls (Philippines)

Total active UK: 80, Active expats: 12

UK Witnesses

@someguy123, @ura-soul, @cadawg, @whiterosecoffee, @c0ff33a, @nathanmars


I'm hoping to eventually make this account more active, but at present, it's essentially just a placeholder of sorts, whilst I work out how to get it better integrated with my plans moving forward!

Well it's good to see you active anyway. That means you will show up on the next report. I would hope we can get up over 100 active people soon. Let me know if you find anyone else.

If I stumble upon anyone during my wanderings on here, I'll be sure to let you know! I might actually check to see if my @StormkeeperGU account is either appropriate and/or factored in too if only so I can catch any notices that may affect this account!

I am aiming to count people rather than accounts, but I can still mention additional accounts people use. Maybe let me know which is more likely to be active. My script checks for any activity in the previous month.

At present, @StormkeeperGU will be much more active, as presently, I don't have a lot to write about on this account, hence why it gets flagged up as inactive!

I've updated my list, but it will still reference this account as belonging to you.

Excellent... thank you!

I’m in England, near Gatwick airport and also my dad joined recently @davidthompson57. Also in same area.

I've added you both. Welcome aboard!


I don't see us on the list lol

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Hi @steevc

I'm back posting after a long break from all things crypto 🙂

P.s. I spent a bit of time this Saturday making a few possible flags for hiveuk on GIMP. Check them out below. I've exported the two versions in JPG format but still have the master file. Feel free to use them. I personally like the one with the black and grey hive logo. What do you think?

Hit me up on discord if you want the original JPG files (username on discord is also raj808) 👍



Those are cool. I may use one next time and will give you credit for that.


Here is a bonus one with some text 😉


No worries Steve 🙂

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Not British but I also like the second one!

Cheers dude 🙂

i like the red logo one, looks a little less imposing and militaristic imo. Great designs though!

Merry Christmas Steve! Thanks for the mention! I’m trying to get back into blogging again, but like for so many others, it has been a pretty tough year this year. Glad my votes have been coming through while I’ve been away though! Can you remind me where to go to update my auto votes please 🤣🤣🤣 thanks, C

You will show as an active user next month :) I expect your auto votes are via Hope 2021 is better for us all. We need some meetups again.

I wonder if @samstonehill would want to be included. He's an expat currently in France.

East Anglia :)

I've relocated you! We are spread thinly across the country. Maybe we can create some more local 'hubs' for meetups when that is possible.

Thank you :)

Here's a quickly cobbled together *png (transparent) image of flag+logo :)


That's cool. I knocked up my flag in a few minutes today. I'm not great at graphics. I may use yours next time. Thanks


very cool! great idea :) this makes for a pretty classy flag id say....

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hey thanks for the tag... im more north than midlands though mate...


I'll move you for next month. Is there an official boundary between those areas?

i wouldnt say so.. but i class nottingham and below as midlands... owt above as north..

UK no longer safe. Left a while ago

You made the right decision. Am curious to know where you went?

Decentralized, developing countries, which are too big for a centralized government to easily control. We have likely entered into feudalism, with 3D printed guns and tyrannical governments. Choose your feudal Baron. I think it will be like this for a couple generations.

You seem like someone who has a good understanding of where we are at in human history. Personally I chose to be in the Pyrenees for now because food grows everywhere here (with or without the farmers) and this will help us get through the coming food shortages with ease. Potentially even making money from it. Once we are done with this phase I intend to keep moving south, eventually into Africa. My two young children don't know it yet, but I am preparing them for the kind of future in which only a short list of skills are actually useful. And tradable forever.

Perhaps our paths will cross one day?

We do need to create strong physical networks. If not physically, online for sure. I foresee communities and their crypto tokens becoming more powerful than nations. Best to start building those communities early. People need to improve their hand skills such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical installation and farming / permaculture. These are some of the only sources of income they will be able to rely on without having to seriously question their souls in future. May I ask what skills u are teaching ur kids? And why move to Africa?

What an amazing thought. Crypto communities as powerful as nations. Much appreciated. This will help with my overall vision for the future.

Since we moved to the french pyrenees from an eco community in Bali two years ago I have been trying to attract others to join us here and start working on our own community but for now all my friends and family are so lost in the deception, with no sense of urgency. Once people see how we are unaffected by food shortages here I believe they will start coming. If they still can.

Why Africa? I considered going back to Asia (my father spent most of his life in the Philippines) but for some reason I never felt as comfortable there as I did in Africa. I suppose the main reason I have focused on that as our current goal is because I think we can get there from here, even if the world is in chaos. But we must remain here for now, to benefit from the upcoming food shortages.

Nothing is fixed in concrete as a plan and I am interested to hear all options. But I also happen to believe Africa is coming back on-line as an agricultural nation. Everything works in cycles here on earth and during the next generation the deserts will bloom again, providing unique opportunities to thrive when most other places are in decline. The Chinese seem to know this, buying up as much land as they can. Funnily enough I was reading a crypto article yesterday and I noticed that even the man behind Cardano seems to understand this:

“Given that the human capital, physical capital, and economics are all moving in the right direction, it is my belief that Africa will be the most promising economic environment in the next ten years,” Hoskinson concluded.

In order to survive a Grand Solar Minimum comfortably I believe one needs to be near the equator. If this GSM is anything like the last we will see the northern & southern hemispheres getting very cold, forcing the collapse of local agriculture.

You may be interested to see this list of skills I posted a few months back:

Obviously with children (3&5years) one can only keep it simple and it seems to me it is more about them seeing their parents doing something repeatedly at this age. Growing food, foraging & preserving for winter have been the main focus this year. With the occasional wild day in which I show them how to build shelter, make fire, snare rabbits... that kind of thing.

For the last year I've been collecting useful information and sharing it in a downloadable format through LBRY:
My advice to people is to store this info off-line on a small device like a phone or ipad which can be easily charged with a small solar panel.

There is something else I have been doing for the last few months, but it would not be prudent of me to discuss it here in public.

Do you have a protonmail account?

Perhaps we can continue this conversation there.

Hi Sam, hope u're all well! Will Asia be OK to stay still? Philippines to be exact.

sorry for butting in. Wanna tag @adetorrent re: Africa

Hey there. No such thing as butting in around here ;) Public conversations are for everyone.

So look, I don't know the future with certainty and anyone who says they do is lying. Whatever country we end in up will have its share of positives & negatives. The Philippines is great for its terrain, temperature, agriculture & friendly people. And the government will not be able to implement the total control we will see in the more developed nations. On the other side of the coin are the more dramatic aspects of your geography. During Grand Solar Minimums we always see an uptick in seismic and volcanic activity. So there will be more dramatic storms & flooding, more eruptions & more earthquakes. And it is possible if there are enough eruptions of sufficient size, the sky will fill with ash, making life difficult for humans & their agriculture. If you live near the sea make sure you have a good tsunami warning system and a motorbike at the ready.

I would certainly be interested to hear from anyone living in Africa in relation to my comment above this one.

Have a great Christmas!

Hi @steevc,
Thank you for participating in the #teamuk curated tag. We have upvoted your quality content.
For more information visit our discord

Sure, why not add me under expats. I will certainly never live there again.

You may also wish to consider @eco-alex & @trucklife-family who I don't think I saw on this list.

Great work buddy!

Well maybe you will visit some time :) Thanks for the others.

Maybe Pennsif is just off feeding Penguins until they barf. I certainly do miss him.

It's amazing how many people on your list that I know, and maybe just as amazing how many I don't know.

Great job!

One change is that Asher @abh12345 is now an expat. Not sure whether to put a happy or smiley face. 😂

His profile still says Nottingham, so I'll let him confirm that :)

Really awesome of you to do this my friend. It is wonderful that you are promoting your Countrymen. I am a big fan of many of the folks you mention.

G-D, Country, Corps a thing we use to say in the service. It is indeed all about priorities when it comes to loyalties.

Have a wonderful weekend sir. I have bookmarked this post for future reference. I believe you may start a trend!

Cheers. If others want to use my script for their own countries they are very welcome. I would think there must be a fair few more in the USA, but globally we are still a pretty small platform. Anything to boost activity should be encouraged.

Hugs dear friend. Successes in your work at Hive. Your evaluation is an encouragement for our publications. Thank you.

Thank dear. I must always stand behind and support my colleagues and wish you success. Providence help you in your work, you see my sincere wish. Always in touch. Merry and blessed Christmas, a beautiful future awaits us, it is our hope. Successes

Thanks for your work!

Great work mate!!

You can stick me back in the UK Southwest to be exact. I came back for Christmas with my dad just over a week ago and I'm currently in quarantine.

I thought you're further up north somewhere!

Whereabouts southwest are you? I'm in Somerset

Must be the accent :D

South Devon not so far away

I've moved you for next time. Welcome back. Shame you can't go anywhere.

thanks for that
The joy of Hive you can go anywhere

Great list @steevc. I'm inactive but still lurking. Lol. Will be back to posting as soon as time permits! Definitely still taking travel photos and gearing up for a good blogging binge. Awesome idea compiling everyone, and looking forward to getting stuck back in soon. :)

@earthsea (@dannewton's extreme music account) - Midlands, @natubat - (Voting, Scotland), @trolleydave (Wales, Inactive), @highlandwalker (Scotland, Inactive).

Cheers. I'm not sure about how to list additional accounts people have. It's the number of people I am interested in.

I could already put additional accounts in brackets, so I have done that with a few more. They will appear next month.

I did wonder if adding the additional accounts would possibly confuse things, especially with trying to track active/voting/inactive etc.

Maybe keeping two lists would help? A list of main accounts, and a separate list of everything together? I do agree that the headline statistic should be 'how many UK people are active on Hive'.

Dunno. Depends how long it takes you to 'run the numbers' I guess.

Anyway, to help make the list more complete, here are some more names that are missing.


These are ALL from the Midlands. All are currently Inactive except @darrenflinders who is still posting intermittently.

I can’t post daily now due to work commitments, hence lack of posts, I’ll have to dig some more old shots out as I’ve been no where with the camera due to lockdown.

No worries. I'm sure you can find something now and again. My script picks up anything in the last month. I tend to post daily out of habit.

I really hope they will come back some time. Maybe a higher HIVE price will tempt them. For next month I am adding more additional accounts in brackets. Those will not be checked for activity. I am trying not to count each person more than once.


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I haven't been able to post for a while now but I am aiming to get back to doing so as soon as I can

I found a busybee the other week and popped it in the Discord @steevc

Ah, found that. Thanks!

Well done with the list Steve √
I never realised there is this many! #TeamUK

  • To be honest, I have been more active on BLURT recently, trying to build my account there. Everyone on this list will almost definitely already have a Blurt account.

  • Login with your OLD Steemit "Posting Key" and then check your Wallet.

  • Here's a link to mine >>

  • Remember you can TRADE $BLURT for $HIVE on Hive Engine or [ IONOMY (BTC) ]

Good luck with Blurt, but to me it looks like there is little in the way of community and mostly people just milking rewards from some voting bots. That's not really interesting to me. I think a lot of people just sold their BLURT, but I guess that makes it cheaper for you.

  • It's early days with BLURT , impossible to say if it will succeed , only time will tell.

  • However, It is free money, and so many people have not taken the opportunity to "cross post" there or Trade their $Blurt for $Hive

  • Earning from Posting on Hive is extremely hard, unless you are lucky ~ That could well be because there are so many active posters on Hive. Many large accounts here just delegate their power to Gems or OCD. So in a way they control who gets the up-votes & down-votes. Just my observation...

Enjoy your evening 👋