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I had a package today that I had been expecting. It came from @whiterosecoffee, which is a coffee supplier in Yorkshire. You may have heard of Hive witness @c0ff33a who is the man behind this business. He recently organised a meetup on his premises, but I was unable to get there. I had been looking forward to trying some of his produce, but when I saw he was producing a special Hive coffee I had to have some.


This will keep me going for a while as I am the only coffee drinker in our house. I like that all the packaging is recycleable.

I brewed some up in my mokka pot. I Add hot water to make an Americano of sorts.


The result is a very nice cup of coffee. Very smooth with some hints of chocolate.

There are options to pay for your coffee with cryptocurrency, but I opted to use my Wirex card that was powered up by selling my Steem.

It may not be viable to ship the coffee all over the world, but those in the UK should definitely check out what is on offer and consider giving @c0ff33a one of your witness votes.

Hive five!


Wow Hermes are on fire this weekend, although I went into work Sunday to process these and dropped them at the In-Post lockers Sunday - the lockers were only emptied at 6.30pm Monday (I know because I filled the rest of them up at 11am Monday as I had a huge order shipping day, and also the parcel shipping system I use shows when I drop them, when the driver takes them out, when they reach the hub, when they reach the local depot and finally when delivered). Sometimes it can take 4 days plus from being picked up to being delivered, so this is super quick and @shanibeer got her package today too.

I hope you do enjoy the coffee, the Brazillian is not ideally suited to Mocha Pot which is why I popped in a sample of my Cattle Market espresso blend which is a darker roast and should give a richer espresso.

Thanks for making a post to raise awareness, @whiterosecoffee really appreciates you support ☕️

Thanks for the extra coffee. It was nice to get it so quickly. What would be a better way to brew that Hive coffee? I hope you gain a few customers.


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I'll need some more soon, will contact you on discord to arrange something.

I got myself a new cafetiere that may be better for this. I broke the old one a while back.

I'm likely to get some evertually, once I've gotten through the haul I got at the meet.

It's a real shame I could not have been there, but maybe some other time. It's just a long way from here.


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I am drinking c0ff33a's coffee as I type this, but sadly there is little left with 2 coffee drinkers in my family. Will be ordering some more soon from the coffee master.

If every UK Hiver ordered from him then he would be overloaded :)

That's about 100 people.. I doubt it.. I have seen his operation... it's quite extensive.

We can dream :) That's just the active ones. Need to wake up those who don't use their accounts, but have to find reasons they should use them. Blogging for coffee?

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That is pretty awesome. If I were a coffee drinker I would definitely check it out. That is pretty cool that he has a Hive blend.