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Another week ends and it is time for my regular #FollowFriday post. I still live in hope that others will adopt this tag, but I will keep doing it anyway. Actually I just saw that @noloafing asked about it in relation to @dbuzz a few weeks ago.

I have been part of the weekly HiveChat effort where questions are posted for people to answer. This week is was run by @hiro-hive. I was one of several people entrusted with some HIVE to people using @hivetips. That is a really cool app. It is quick and free to use. We need to get #hivechat trending each week. It has already done well in places like Venezuela.

I keep an eye on the crypto prices to see how HIVE is doing relative to others. The way it stays in sync with STEEM is a little spooky. Do we know for sure if someone is controlling these? It would only take a few million dollars to do so, but what would be the purpose? Is Justin propping up STEEM? He does not seem that interested in it from what I have seen.

I see a lot of talk about 'DeFi', but I am not much of an investor. I enjoy the community of Hive and want to see it do well. You can earn here with zero financial investment, but you do need to invest time to build connections. It would be great to see more people doing that rather than feeding the social giants their data.

And so to this week's selection of Hivers/Hivians:

  • @keys-defender is looking out for our interests by detecting when people accidentally put their key in a transfer memo. It is also now looking for malicious code that could compromise accounts. As Hive grows it becomes a more attractive target for scammers. Take care of your keys!
  • @atheistrepublic report on issues around religion, culture and race, none of which ought to be used to discriminate in general, but the world is full of people who like an excuse to hate. We need to discuss these topics and Hive gives us the freedom to do so.
  • @nathanmars is doing so much to promote Hive on Twitter with many tweets each day.
  • @hivepeople is also promoting Hive and has various efforts you can be part of.
  • @thatsweeneyguy has been putting out a series of Hive University posts that give a good grounding in how the platform works. Essential reading for new users.

As always I recommend you engage with people each day. Even if your vote is small your comments can have value. I vote up good comments as well as having Beer and Engage tokens to dispense.

I also play games on Hive. The following are my referral links that may benefit me a little if people use them to start playing:

  • Rising Star sets you on the path to music stardom. There are valuable cards to collect along the way and you can listen to music from the Hive community, including me.
  • Cryptobrewmaster is all about beer. Collect ingredients to brew up something special.
  • Splinterlands is the biggest game in crypto where your monster cards battle other players.

Hive five!


Thanks for the mention! We are doing a #joinhive referral contest for the entire month of September!

No problem. We need to spread the word of such contests.


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@steevc Thanks for putting me on your list!!!   :)

Just a couple of minor corrections:

"detecting when people accidentally put their key in a transfer memo"

Well it's not just that.

  • It detects keys in ALL operation types (transfer, post, comment, account update, ...), not just transfers. And if the leak was in a post or comment, in ~200 milliseconds it automatically warns the user via reply and memo.
    [once it even found an active active key in an account_update operation - the user was trying to update the link to his personal website 🤦‍♂️]

  • It's not just about detecting. When an active key is found it also immediately automatically puts all their funds in the savings and protects new incoming transactions until the compromised key is changed. When instead an owner key is found, all the keys are automatically changed in order to protect the account.

And besides the latest malicious-code-detection feature this bot also provides..
- Phishing protection
- Re-posting detection


Thanks for the corrections. It is even better than I thought!


Hey @keys-defender, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Hive has been a bit stagnant in terms of price movement of late. However, I love to still invest my time on this platform.

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It just seems to be following what the rest of the market does. I deserved to having a much higher value and I hope it will again. We need the next hardfork to go well to boost confidence. Meanwhile it is up to us to get more people involved.


Exactly! What we really need is more people adopting Hive and investing in it.

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That is a nice list of people. I have often wondered why the two prices seem to follow so much as well. The funny thing is even though the price of SBD and HBD are pretty close right now, there was a time when they were very far apart.

I don't worry so much about HBD as I don't tend to hold any. If HIVE were higher then it might be possible to stabilise HBD, but I don't fully understand how that works. We have to inspire the markets to take notice of coins with real utility.

I just noticed HIVE has edged ahead, but it can soon change again.

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