Follow Friday - Sleepers awaken!

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Happy Friday! The world is still in a crazy state, but life will go on and the Hive community needs to keep working on making this platform as good as it can be. Part of that is building connections between people and getting support where it is needed. We have lots of creative people who may be struggling right now. Musicians cannot get out to play gigs and other creative people cannot reach their usual audiences. If they are posting here then we can direct some rewards to them to help them out.

Something that has been on my mind is the large number of inactive Hive accounts.

Chart from @arcange

You can see each bar has a grey section, which is not to scale, indicating how many in each band are inactive. The majority of redfish and minnows are with over a third in the higher bands. That is a huge amount of HP that is doing nothing. I know a lot of new users soon give up when they fail to make much, see this on expectations by @slobberchops. Those at dolphin or above have a stake that can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

You can see there are orca accounts above me who do nothing at all.

Data from @hivebuzz

The @tim1 and @ben1 accounts look like twins. Neither has voted in over two years. I know of others such as @stephenkendal who were just not made welcome when Hive forked off. Can we really afford to alienate people even if we disagree with them? Hive is supposed to be about freedom. Okay, so some people gave Just in Steemit some support, but we should move on from that. I do not know what is happening with some like @exyle and @ezzy who used to be active, but now just seem to auto-vote. At least their HP is doing some good. I think some people are hedging their bets by still doing stuff in Steem, or even Blurt. So what? The Hive community is tiny and we need more active people.

If some of the inactive accounts would at least follow trails such as @tenkminnows they could benefit some small accounts.

On my UK Hivians list I include those who are inactive. If you know someone who is not using Hive any more then why not discuss it with them? This platform is supposed to be social and more active people will make it better.

So to the business of #FollowFriday. Each week I pick out some accounts to highlight which you may want to check out. Some will be people I have known for a long time and others I may just have spotted this week.

  • @rxhector made me laugh with his frustration over getting through the @splinterlands daily quest. I can empathise with that.
  • @arseniclullaby is a comic artist who has made his feelings about Hive very clear. He is frustrated by the lack of support from big accounts for creative people who really add value here. Despite that he is back with some recent posts about what is going on with NFT art sales. That can happen on Hive, but there is competition from other platforms.
  • @soundlegion has been posting her music here for ages. It would be cool to have a Hive music dapp that you could use instead of things like Spotify with the ability to give votes for the tunes you enjoy most. It could be smart enough to direct the votes to a current post if the one you are listening to is past pay-out.
  • @thetroublenotes are a multinational band of wandering minstels who obviously can't gig so much lately, but they are posting their joyful performances on Hive.
  • My friend @bozz just reached his goal of 20k HP. He just keeps putting out good posts and ploughing his rewards back in. He shows that persistence pays off.

Anyone can do a #FollowFriday post. @the-bitcoin-dood and @dannewton have done some in recent weeks. It all helps people find content they enjoy and build connections.

Have fun, stay well and #HiveFive!


I perceive Hive has three main strands of users.

  1. Those here for the money
  2. Those here to share their music, art, writing etc
  3. Those who enjoy this kind of thing

I'm mostly a number 3 but because I enjoy number 2 ... OK maybe using numbers isn't a good approach.

The challenge is that number 1's work out they're not going to earn their fortune here and number 2's lack engagement, often because they don't engage.

There may not be enough of 1 and 3 to attract more of 2. It is a chicken/egg issue that you need content to attract fans and fans to bring in content creators. Somehow we have to build things up with those first-adopter types. We know it can work and just have to persuade others to give it a try.

I find lots of good content to enjoy, but will still use things like Youtube. It would be great to be able to give good videos a useful vote.


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It would be cool to have a Hive music dapp that you could use instead of things like Spotify with the ability to give votes for the tunes you enjoy most.

I don't know if dsound is still going but that was as close as we got to working streaming platform for Steem/Hive for musicians. I heard there was another one but can't remember what it's called. In any case, I use PeakD and share Spotify/Soundcloud embed players there now which seems to work well enough. With Mixcloud support coming up soon, more podcasters, DJs and radio show hosts can potentially come on too.

If those big accounts don't want to vote then they are losing out on curation rewards and earnings so all the more for those that do. I know Stephen seemed to be more into Steem than HIVE but don't know why, think there was likely a spat but with tribalism in crypto, especially at that time of the fork... tensions were high, not surprising.

Not sure who tim and ben are but if they weren't active in two years, they probably weren't active on steem. Don't forget, whales also have alts as "cold storage" I think so they may just have their stake their for safekeeping... but they can still at least put it to work - their choice!

Someone did a player that picked up all the posts for the old Open Mic contest. I guess it can detect the embedded media and play it somehow. That's beyond my current skills.

It's interesting that the biggest account delegates all its HP to various curation projects and gets paid for it. Even if you store HIVE in other accounts it can still earn by voting. I think 10% APR is not too hard to get.

We need to reach some sort of critical mass where there is enough of an audience here to bring in more creators who will bring their fans. Then it will take off. You are one of the pioneers.


Oh really? I have no idea about that coding thing, a bit beyond my scope of knowledge haha!

I've heard interesting rumours about that account but I can't verify them and it seems there's a vast rabbit hole inside the rabbit hole that is HIVE already haha! Yeah you can get 10% even by following curation trails I believe but I leave the curating to those who know how to do it and they can have my HP for a fee!

Yeah bringing more people in isn't the easiest of tasks at the moment. It would be good to know what the core/lead development team see as the vision of this project to give it some direction because I feel HIVE itself is drifting. For me, the future is in dedicated communities with their own token/front end I think with HIVE being marketed to developers/tech companies to build their apps on top of.

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Lots of things are possible. Coming up with good ideas can be more of an issue. I just don't know much about creating web apps.

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People/creators want an audience, an audience wants to support people/creators that at least look like they care what their audience has to say. In other words when an audience member leaves a comment on a post they expect to see a response unless that post is flooded with comments, (which does not happen often), even when a post is comment flooded, the audience expects to see a few response to a few audience members.

An audience member does not want to be told what to like, they want to support what they want to support. With out any HP an audience member can do nothing other than be a passive observer. I know, and many people on Hive know there are places to get HP help so they can do things, new users do not.

We can make all the excuses we want for a new users lack of HP and lack of understanding, and place the fault on the new user for not researching the system or understanding how it works; or we can try and help a new audience member understand.

I am mostly an audience member, I like looking at, reading, and viewing post more than I like making them. In the past I saw a lot of post about making, (forcing), people to spread their votes out and to penalize those that vote mostly on the same people all the time. Fortunately those post have died down a little bit on Hive.

I like the follow friday post you do, it introduces me to potentially new talent to find. My response is mostly about the audience member if we want the creators to grow we as a group need to start respecting the audience members.

Most of the creators I interact with understand that, it is something that new creators need to take into account, we are not face book, when we leave a comment we consider it to be polite to at least attempt to reply to a few of the comments. Even if it is a Thank you for your comment type response.

I know some creators I comment on appreciate it as they are not getting that many responses. Some have even given me access to some exclusive content! I don't really have anything to sell (apart from some silly songs), but I enjoy posting and Hive needs content. I value comments from small accounts and will give them a vote. They don't have to vote on my stuff if they don't want to. Investing a small amount in Hive can give your vote some value at least if you add it to others. There are few platforms where fans can earn at all. If a band joins up along with 1000 fans who each put in as much as they might on Patreon then you have the start of something. For now it may not pay anyone much, but should HIVE go up it could.

It's all about potential really. I like playing around with this stuff.


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Getting ready to do my FF in a little bit. Thanks for the mention. I'd love to see the FollowFriday hashtag grow. It's a great way to find active accounts to follow.

One of my favorite things is logging in and seeing that my post had a few responses. It would be great to have more engagement, that is for sure.

I do what I can to encourage it. I have enough HP to give votes on most comments, but it's not really worth it if you can't get them over the dust threshold (about 2.5c).

thanks for the mention - glad i made you laugh ;)

One band that I follow (Anathema) have announced they have broken up because of COVID and due to the fact they can't tour. Most of their income comes from gigs and merchandise. A sad story.

@stephenkendal was doing rather well on STEEM last time I looked. That massive account gives him votes, good luck to him.

A lot of venues will shut down too, so things will not be great even when we can have gigs again.

I've met Stephen ages ago and had some recent discussions with him. He did not specify who made him unwelcome on Hive, but he has decided to stick with Steem. We need marketing people like him.

The fact that he wanted to stay on STEEM was why it happened. He made his choice, hope his Chinese is coming along nicely.

Maybe he would have given it up if he had not been threatened by Hive people. He has put a lot of work into publicising Steem and probably does not want to throw that away. It surprises me how well Steem does, but then a lot of people have an interest in keeping it going despite the lack of decentralisation. Some are making a nice profit there.

There were some words spoken, but I can't recall by who. It's all water under the bridge now. I see some HIVE people who I follow post on STEEM. They get pennies.

Some are milking all possible platforms, but I just can't be bothered. Nobody can see my posts on St++m anyway. I go where the community is.

hope his Chinese is coming along nicely.

LOL, just waking up over here and this cracked me up way more than it should of!

It is very quiet around here for sure, all time low in posting I'd say.

Things will hopefully pick up if there's an alt season.

We just have to keep on doing what we do in the meantime.

This is more of a way of life for me now than anything else!

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If the HIVE price does go up then those of us who stayed active are laughing. Even just making a few dollars a week is nice as I will not make anything elsewhere online.

That is really too bad that so many accounts are just sitting there with votes that are going to waste. I kind of feel like that is one of the biggest no-no's around here. At least delegate it out or set up an autovoter if you are going to be gone for a while. The platform could benefit from that.

Those accounts could be earning by voting. Some may have lost their keys and maybe some died, but I can't imagine that is a large percentage. Anyone who has built up a large account should know what is going on. I think it's worth reaching out if we know some of those people.

Good point!

I understand the inactive redfish accounts, but some of the 'bigger' accounts really represent a lot of money. Did they forget about it? Lost their keys or even worse...

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You have to wonder what happened. Maybe we need a project to track some of them down. If they are active on other platforms we can ask them.

But do you have more than a username?

In some cases there may be links in posts or the profile. Even without that the wallet history may give some clues. We have to work with what we have.

Looks like a fun job :D
Do you have list of users?

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I don't, but I may look into producing one.

Found some info about 2 of the accounts you mention already.

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That's interesting. I don't see any dirent transfers from @ben and @tim to the other accounts. @tim still has 102k HP, but is inactive.

There are various mysteries on Hive. With some we may never know what is going on.


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Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.