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The news

Hive is getting featured on more 'dapp' listing sites. @dappradar is showing @splinterlands top and just above Steemit. Peakd is not far behind.

DappRadar has different results, but the main Hive and Steem dapps show up in the same order when listed by users. I have never heard of most of the the others.


I keep saying Hive needs more users. The increasing number of dapps ought to make it more appealing. Many have moved from Steem, bringing active users with them. Some are still supporting both blockchains.

I can create account and will delegate to get them started. I keep offering this service on Twitter, but only get a few takers.

Follow-worthy Hiveians

I have found a few new accounts this week. Some may have been around a while, but escaped my notice.

  • @aleister has a range of creative interests, including music. He seems to into computer-based synthesizers and samples with details included on what he uses.
  • @andrewmusic is a guitarist from Columbia. I asked him for some proof of identidy and he provided it. We do have to watch out for fake accounts that use photos and videos by others. He is fairly new and could do with more followers.
  • @jeffandhisguitar makes his intentions clear in his name. He is a Brit living in Cambodia and he is putting out some great videos, including soem lessons.
  • @artgrafiken from Canada produces some unique comic are telling stories of his family and the world in general as well as some fiction. He is also fairly new, but has already linked to Hive from his blog. Follow him for some thoughtful #comics.
  • I just read about new blockchain game @piggericks. They first posted last year, but seem to be active again now.
  • @crypt0 is telling his 45k Twitter followers that he makes more from Hive than Steem. He has 118k YouTube subscribers too. If 10% of these joined Hive it would make a huge difference. As well as supporting him they could be earning for themselves. His posts about crypto earn well, but ought to have more comments.

Who else show we be checking out? Share your suggestions in comments or a #FollowFriday post.

The Doghouse

I do not have anyone specific to mention here this time. I am not seeing the rampant abuse that Steem has, but there will always be people trying to game the system. Hive (and Steem) is intended to reward good content and so you should ideally by manually voting, but I know a lot of people automate it. It may be better to follow a good curation trail rather than just voting for the same people all the time. I benefit from the latter, but I do not mind making less if votes go to small accounts instead. You could follow the trail of @tenkminnows, but there are a few others. I do not use them, so please share your recommendations. This is not about maximising your return, it is about doing what is good for the platform.

If you are giving yourself lots of votes on posts or comments then you may want to watch out as people are checking for that and you may attract some downvotes. You can earn well voting for others whilst gaining some community credibility. That could pay off in the long run.

Hive five!


Thanks very much man :)
Fist bumps sent across the pond!

No problem. Have a great weekend.

BTW Given the size of your vote it is not really worth voting on comments unless they have enough other votes to be worth over 2c as anything under that is not paid out. It can be better to vote on posts that make more. In any case I ask that you vote for small accounts rather than me unless you think you have a chance to earn from the curation. We need a better spread of votes.

Righto. Understood :)

Just don't want your votes to get wasted. We need them all.

Its a good comparison with few more data and mention some good hivers who are still performing to better this community. Hope this community will be more stronger with lots of new and old user too!

I'll be sure to look at these accounts. I do follow @aleister, believe he is based in Portugal, always doing a lot of creative music stuff.

That is pretty awesome that we are getting some more recognition. I have been collecting account creation tokens now that you told me where to find it. It would be cool if we could get some more interest generated. Maybe if we see a small bull run in BTC people will start dipping their toes in the water again.

I have about 100 account tokens and am keen to use them.

I benefit from the latter, but I do not mind making less if votes go to small accounts instead.

This is so selfless of you. I invited a user recently but he can't engage because he ran out of resource credit and this is not easy.. i intend on delegating even if it is 15HP to him but i dont know how delegation works yet .. still new

Delegation is quite easy in Peakd. We should do what we can to help new users. We cannot afford to lose them.

Good to hear that there's no action on the abuse front! I'll check out some of those new accounts for sure!

There is some going on, but it's being dealt with. Even haejin makes nothing. He flagged me this morning even though I've not touched him lately.

He's a real piece of work!

Your post has been boosted with ESTM. Keep up the good work!
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