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Friday has rolled around again and that means a #FollowFriday post from me. I had hoped to report on a successful hardfork, but HF24 has been postponed to next week in order to ensure all dapps are ready for it. There have been some issues with the blockchain this week that may have been due to witnesses preparing for this event. If you encounter errors then it is worth changing the node you use in peakd, Keychain etc. It may that some dapps do not offer this option.

I will not dwell on the HIVE price, but you may consider it a good time to buy more. I did this week.

Meanwhile we had another successful HiveChat over on Twitter. This is happening every week with a different person posting the questions over an hour. This stimulates lots of responses that can get Hive trending. Keep an eye out for the next one and participate if you can.

Yes, I know there is a typo there, but we have to make allowances for non-native English speakers.

Something else that happened this week is that my reputation ticked over to 75. It is about six months since I reach 74 and each further step gets harder. I know the reputation score has limited meaning, but I did not buy votes or have regular whale votes to boost it. According to @HiveBuzz charts 222 people gace a higher reputation than I do.


I like to see numbers improve. Maybe I can get to 6000 followers this year. I am close to 1000 on Twitter.

Talking of following, here are some suggestions of people to check out. Fill your Hive feed with stuff you will love to make it fun.

  • @hivelift is a project something like @tenkminnows that aims to boost good users. They are aiming to make more dolphins rather than minnows. If we can build up the Hive 'middle class' then rewards will get shared more widely. We need to encourage good creator to create a more compelling platform.
  • @achimmertens is part of a project to do charity work on Hive. This group is looking for a developer to help them out.
  • Witness @klye has created a PONZI token on Hive Engine for a bit of fun.
  • My friend @the-bitcoin-dood ran HiveChat recently. He has a big following on Twitter for his crypto news and has been an enthusiastic user of his blockchain from the start. He is also into music an riding his motorbikes.
  • I will give a general shout-out to the comic artists who brighten up my feed. Show these folk some support. @katharsisdrill @drwatson @sidekickmatt @northwestnomad @eyedrip. What others should I check out?

Feel free to do your own #FollowFriday post and let me know about it as I am happy to re-blog useful posts.

Some of those mentioned get a share of the post rewards.

Hive five!


Wow! Thanks so much for the mention!

No problem. Hope you find more fans.

HIVE five from Buffalo NY! Have a great weekend!

Thanks for the honourable mentions!

Thanks for the mention!

Thanks for the referral! Can always use a few more readers coming my way...😄

@tipu curate

I'll go and check out the people you mentioned. Thanks.

Yes, I know there is a type there, but we have to make allowances for non-native English speakers.

I feel so mean posting this 😂🤣

Arghhhh! Typo in a typo mention. Going to bang my head on the wall.

Did you have another meetup happening at some point soon? I feel like you mentioned it. Your talk about followers got me thinking of it. Yesterday was a pretty dodgy day for the chain. I took a break and just focused on some other work.

I don't know of any pending Hive meetups around here. You are not supposed to have more than six people meet up anyway. I think we need some virtual meetups. Someone did it on Zoom a while back. Just have to post the details with a time. It helps if you have a paid account so it can last longer.

Interestingly, I didn't realize that hard fork 24 will take place next week. Thanks for informing us

You should follow @hiveio for such important news. It's crazy they have less followers than I do.

ok, I accept the advice! Thanks

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