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It is not just in elections that votes matter. On Hive they determine the spread of rewards. There is only so much to go around each day and we need to ensure it goes to good content. It should not just be about short-term personal gain as we need to attract and retain those creators who will attract a wider audience.

Polling station
My own picture from the Brexit vote years back.

Some good people have given up as they did not think the big accounts cared about this. Just see what comic artist @arseniclullaby has to say. Comics are much bigger than cryptocurrency and we could do with a slice of that audience. Likewise with music, art, photography, literature. These attract massive audiences across other social media. In some cases the creators do not make much and their fans make nothing, but both sides could earn on Hive. We need to attract some early adopters to Hive and show them some support. In the long term we all benefit if it goes viral. The alternative is stagnation as self-interest dominates and the HIVE price sinks even lower.

If you are a Hive minnow your vote still matters. Just use it well. Voting for comments may not help as there is a payout threshold. Add your vote to posts that you enjoy. Even when your vote is not worth much your comments have value and may earn you something.

Here are some people who I consider worthy of your following and votes:

  • @acousticguitar is a project by @camuel up in Scotland. He has some great music posts as well as interviews with performers and instrument makers. His latest performance is great.
  • @jizzyjoe is from Nigeria and fairly new to Hive. He is making an effort and has a project to help people celebrate their birthdays.
  • @sebcam has been here for years, but I seem to have missed him. That is odd as he is a fellow runner, but on a whole different level to me. He is running across the USA (like Forrest Gump) and making videos about the experience.
  • Talking of running, the @exhaust dapp is back after some issues following the hardfork. You can log various forms of exercise and get some statistics from it. It does not have a mobile app (yet), but you can import workouts from other apps.
  • I met @edb at SF2. He is a thoughtful blogger on a range of topics.

I will include a couple of recommendations of communities to check out. This is an under-used aspect of Hive. Social media is more fun when you find people who share your interests and these could be places to do that.

To finish here are some witnesses I am supporting. They need your votes to help them get a share of the rewards. What they do is essential to keep Hive running. You get thirty votes, so support those who you see doing good work.

As always you are welcome to make your own #FollowFriday suggestions in the comments or even do your own post. Help to build the Hive community.

Hive five!


I'm so thrilled for the shout out, it will help spread the word around. Thanks so much, I only hope I could get more followers in the curation trail

Any effort to boost the community is welcome. We may not all want the same things, but there can be something for everyone on Hive.


Thank you

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

😁 thanks for the mention, hopefully we'll get a few more customers over in programming, although I must admit I've neglected the community a bit over the past week... so now time to catch up!

I've got another post planned from something I have been playing with.

Awesome, can't wait to see it!

Thanks for the shout out Steve!

You are most welcome sir!

Thank you very much for the mention, I really appreciate the support in these difficult times it’s been a long hard year and I do not see 2021 being any better.

Great stuff! I just recently started voting on comments, but I feel like I should probably use that VP someplace better. Especially when my upvote for a comment is still so low. It is probably just going to dust and that isn't a good thing.

I have my comment vote level set in peakd to be sure it pays out, but I will sometimes increase it. I hate to see votes wasted.

I have been trying to keep my comment vote to 20 or 30 percent to keep myself from blowing through my VP too quickly.

Have you the engage tokens.? I know that sometimes people don't understand them but there's a satisfaction in knowing you are valued in some way. And I use tips for the awesome comments too.

Seems like hive supply isn't working properly yet :D

I did notice. I had not checked it recently, so maybe it's just a glitch.

Hivestats also have a problem with pulling out numbers. So isn't the only one

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Oh I LIKED that you shared @jizzyjoe's project too - I shared it yesterday on twitter.

I also get a real BUZZ out of @sebcam - it is @samstonehill who posts his content for him - and Sam was one of the first people I ever followed as a steem newbie.

I was wondering what to post about today since my pics for planned post didn;t work ut right, but now I'm SORTED - cos there are some cool new people it would be great to highlight and introduce around.

Great job!

A heartworm thank you for your love and support. 💖

Indeed @sebcam is worth to follow. I also was surprised to find him just now...

Great idea. I like the idea of Follow Friday!

I've done it for years. I'll be happy if others do it too. Let's build the community!

I'm not familiar with all of these folks except @c0ff33a. Thanks for the info, will have a look at these folks and communities.

I thought arsenic was OK until he started being a dick, that's when I unfollowed him and never looked back. You can't force your will upon others, doesn't work. He's a talented bloke though.

He is opinionated, but then he puts in a huge amount of work on his art and is disappointed if it is not appreciated. Of course he was posting it elsewhere and maybe getting a better reaction. Hive is just so small though. We need to find some way to give it a boost.

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