SteemItQA Account Moves into Retirement + New Account + Re-branding of Steem Chat!

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One last image post gently weeps...

Yes, clearly with my name SteemItQA I've run into some issues lol .... so with great sadness I'll be putting this account into retirement starting Friday and transitioning to @HiveQA - based on the announcement here. I suspect this won't be the last hard fork but I'll support wherever communitie(s) develop.

I'm going to work on a forum for the Hive community shortly too. Bored, and want to do some coding.

I'll still Resteem and shitpost once in awhile from this account.


Also, as you can see with this big juicy new logo we have re-branded the Steem Chat discord to... ThePulse: Crypto Discussion.

Come on overwhen you get a chance and hollar at me there! (I'm still SteemItQA there). The idea of the discord is not to take a side either way , but a place to chat about Crypto, Steem/Hive and other things that come our way as @whatsup stated in her post here.

ThePulse is not a PC place, but it is also not totally crude, we talk Steem/Hive issues and many other topics as well.



RIP steemitQA, I admire your chain loyalty though immediately adopting hive in your name 😂

Thanks Julia! I'm so loyal my usernames even say :P

A Qa is a Qa no matter what chain he is on.

Thanks Wu,wu! we always have interesting times around here don't we <3