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Hello, today we have a simple post


It's a good post, its strong, made of wood and looks to be 4x4

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Simple is often the hardest to execute well but you’ve done brilliantly!

Thank you,

I try :)

What an awesome post!
Glad that you shared with us :)
Thank you!

Glad you enjoyed,

I live to give and share without care :)

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Inspired work sir... inspired!

Your limitations are your imagination my friend

I am here dwl :D

Certainly qualifies as a good post!

It's a solid post for sure,

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What an amazing, detailed post of the complexities of the way absolutely nothing in the world functions! Thank you, I will print this and publish it in my local newspaper, put it on my wall and make sure I pass this onto anyone I see in public!


Let's see if anyone else comments on it, or if they just vote and keep going hehe

It took me 3 days to find the perfect post, 2 days of taking pictures and 4 days of editing. Im glad you can see the effort that went into it my friend

I want to upvote this post so bad, I will try again later.

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Yeah, you guys definitely need to find that writer. ;)

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We have lots of posts in the waiting.

metal posts, paper posts, plastic posts, hell, even a post made from sausage. It might just be a sausage but stand that SOB upright and we got another post.

If you ever need a shitpost, you know where to find me.

Yes! Come join us.

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Good post sir. Follow for follow?

Shit, if we're gonna follow for follow, why not just add each other to auto votes and jerk circle as well.

Jerk for jerk it is

Hehe, well you made me laugh :)
Have a 100% vote just for the cheek of it.

sometimes less is more :) We got 5 comments for this stunt, that's a win in my books :)

And awesome of you to upvote the comments as well, TY :)

We got 5 comments for this stunt, that's a win in my books :)

Certainly is :)

Its maybe a new idea or challenge... make post like this one or better...probably it is worth setup the prize fund...

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A haha.

Nice comments.


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