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RE: The Downside of Downvotes

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A middle ground between removing rewards and the status quo that I've thought about would be a two level system where Hive stakeholders vote to allocate Hive rewards (inflation) to communities and then those communities get to allocate them as they see fit in terms of content voting rules, 2nd layer tokens backed by Hive, DeFi yield farming schemes, or whatever, etc. Of course, that would require a bit of rearchitecting and development at the blockchain level, but I don't think it would necessarily be all that much.


I quite like the Hive-Engine tokens that we've got right now for rewarding content too. Your Hive downvote doesn't affect any of the "XYZCoin" they earn there as long as you don't hold that token yourself. If BT's idea of modular hivemind is what I think of it in my head(allowing many custom things like tokens to be run with ease on layer 2), we can see a lot more of it coming around and people can still use Hive but focus on the 2nd layer tokens they care about, and Hive becomes an additional thing that they potentially earn, which they can convert to the token they want.

 10 days ago 

That actually sounds like an interesting angle, and I would definitely prefer to seeing dev going towards that than more fiddling with the base HIVE tokenomics.

Other than the outsized influence (>1000mv) of some of the accounts, I think the rewards are working just fine, or will be once hf25 goes live.

We have tried the most favored authors path, most of them cashed out and left, better we let the crowd decide who gets the rewards, if you ask me.