A bright future ahead.. I'm all excited to hear about the new blockchain 'Hive'

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Finding a right and reasonable solution to resolve the current uncertain state of steem has been a major part of every discussion happening here for quite a while now. However, our common opponents proved they aren't as dumb as what we thought them to be. Hence, the level of uncertainty as to what would happen on tomorrow kept on increasing. At this juncture that the last post of @blocktrades acts like the only solution for our all problems.

A group of over 30 developers have been tirelessly working in the background for last few weeks to bring in a perpetual solution for resolving current state of steem. The thing is that these visionaries, some of them were part of the initial development of steem, are envisaging a new blockchain whose name has been chosen as 'HIVE'.

This new place is going to look alike to steem and is gonna airdrop to all steemians the HIVE coins. The airdrop will be based on your stake on steem. And the major decision taken by them worth noticing is that @steemit and other steemit INC accounts won't be included in the airdrop!

This step is basically unavoidable as it is the 70+ million stake of steemINC controlled by @justinsunsteemit that tries to centralize this blockchain. Those ninja-mined stakes really are a threat sitting right over our heads!

It is relieving to know that we are sonn gonna get rid of this large stake which eventually make our's a true decentralized platform!

I'm already looking forward to read the upcoming post of @blocktrades ( @blocktradrs is a private company run by a man with over 25 years of experience in tech field) in which he has promised to discuss the roadmap of the project in detail!

I'm glad along with all steemians to have found a credible solution to get rid of the uncertainty which has been prevalent here on steem. Let's wait and see what @justinsteemit has in store!


I intend to switch over to Hive and then dump all my STEEM. Although, with all of us dumping at the same time, we would likely end up driving the price to zero.

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