Happy Hive Birthday (To Me)

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I've been celebrating three earth years on the Hive (/pre-hive) blockchain this week.

I got the alert a week ago thanks to @hivebuzz:

It's worth noting that the very act of celebrating a Hive birthday in earth years is to impose a time-frame on a blockchain that has no awareness of years at all - kind of odd, that you have to convert three second blocks into years (it's about 10.5 million blocks a year).

It kind of got me to wondering whether there's a way of celebrating anniversaries more in line with blockchain time - but I don't think there is - how would you do it? Every 250 000 blocks, based on the inflation rate going down, I mean that's the only significant hardwired change that happens regularly on the chain, but that would mean celebrating every 8 days, within a 3 second window.

And that would be kind of both difficult and tedious, so I guess we're left with the humanised regular earth year celebrations.

I must say that I quite like the idea of celebrating in 'moons' - I assume that appears on Hiveblocks because of the relationship to crypto 'mooning' rather than the creator being into moon-time, the formers far more likely, but it amuses me, and it serves as a reminder of the arbitrariness of time-measurements.

Overall, A good three years

I think overall it's been a good three years. A lot has certainly changed for me!

To think when I started I was working as a teacher full-time and my first few posts were done right at the beginning of term, so that was a challenge.

2018 was dominated by my quitting work and selling my flat, but I somehow managed to keep posting and managed to connect with a few people on pre-Hive, moved from Surrey the the Welsh boarders, went to SF3, came back, kept on posting.

Then 2019 - that just seems like a blur TBH - the gradual downward drift of the price, pre-Hive losing users, a gradual, gradual decline, kind of reflected in the mood at SF4 in November- which we optimistically called 'chilled', and so the price and the user base carried on downwards into winter.

I guess we got communities, and they're a nice feature!

Then February 2020 and BOOM! The JS drama in February certainly woke people up - and now we have Hive which has kept us all entertained, hasn't it?!?

A quick look at my stats...

It's nice to have Hivestats back so we can check our data, and lots more!

22 000 Hive earned through curation and authoring - most through authoring. That means I must have bought in another 24K ish in total given my current HP.

I intuitively knew it was about 50-50%

Screenshot 20200828 at 07.04.06.pngScreenshot 20200828 at 07.05.33.png

Oh, and if yer a Hive author, word of warning - my relative curation to author stats also show you how much therealwolf's staking proposal would fuck your earnings if his changes were implemented. A LOT more for him, a lot less for us.

If yer an author, then unvoting witnesses who show support for that proposal is something to be on the case with into 2021.

Final thoughts, where next?

The stats suggest some progress since the beginning of the year - the user base and price have finally stagnated after a good two and half years of steady decline. So maybe we're ready for an uptick??!?

Whatever happens to Hive, I'm off to Portugal to build something there IRL - which will be nice!

It still doesn't feel quite right to be celebrating just based on earth years, it feels just a bit too 'human' whereas Hive is a transhuman experience - it's blockchain mediated interaction, and celebrating in years doesn't seem to recognise this sufficiently somehow?

Funny how I turned 47 in real years about six weeks ago, but I didn't feel the need to mention that!

Anyway, happy Hive Birthday to me!


Wow times flying by! And still we are early 🤣

I know,

It's going to be a shock to the system when this place really kicks off!

Probably in a good way!

47, the cat is out of the bag now :)

I wonder if there were options to stake an earn, if content would continue at the same amount and quality.

Congrats on 3 years, my 4th passed recently but as most of it was on Steem I didn't mention it.

It's funny how 47 doesn't even sound that old to me. TBH 50 sounds younger than 40 something too.

I can't imagine why anyone would give their stake away to anyone under The Wolfe's system?

I never realised you got in so early! How come you don't have like 500K Hive or something? I thought that was the way it worked!

I like what edicted has to say about staking, although I don't understand the ins and outs.

I was mostly silent for the first 8/9 months, 100k is enough isn't it?!

Well if goes to $2 that's your mortgage paid off right there!

I guess it's also significant in voting terms if combined with a bunch of other people!

$2 is life-changing for me. We can but hope!

It really wouldn't take that many people to get onboard and invest to see that price increase, not in the grand scheme of how many people are into social media.

I'm hoping this stagnating user base is now the bottom and we'll see a gradual increase from here!

True. Yes these past few months have been pretty stable, we are ready for some action!

Happy hive birthday man!
Good luck on your Portugal adventure

Hey cheers and cheers!

Have a !BEER

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Yes..Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary no matter we just need occassion to celebrate and completing 3 years is no less....

Hey cheers!

Happy Hive birthday!
I enjoy reading your posts, just to let you know :)
Also 18k in AR. Nice. I bet going forward the ratio between AR and CR will grow in favor of CR.

Hey thanks!

I have no doubt the curation rewards are going to become increasingly significant, even if the system stays the same.

I quite enjoy writing on Hive, it works very well for me, although I can't imagine earning more. I imagine most people would think I'm over rewarded, and the more new people come onboard and get posting, the more micro communities there are, the less any one individual gets.

You're work here is great btw!


Congratulations on the anniversary (em, what else to call it)?
Quite nice to reflect on the past year(s), even if it's a bit weird in blockchain terms. I'm looking forward to hearing about Portugal.

Hey cheers!

Happy Hive Birthday @revisesociology


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Happy hive Day. Thank you for your insights and support over the last year or so. I have personally gained a Lot from your financial discipline and insights

Hey thanks so much!

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Happy Hiveversary! Your like has certainly changed in that time. I've changed jobs since I started on the blockchain too, but am not planning to move abroad. I hope Hive can play a part in your plans. A better price would certainly open up more possibilities.

Have a !BEER to celebrate.

Thank you kindly!

Life is change at the end of the day.

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Happy Hive Birthday, amazing to see how much you've progressed on here!!!

Hey cheers, the Steem PD helped a lot!

Good to see you back btw!

Thanks! Been wanting to post more regularly again, so keeping my posts super casual to get myself back into it :)