Exploring Quello: A Decentralized Question-Answer Platform for Hive

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Quello is a decentralized question and answer platform based on Hive where you can earn money (or cryptocurrency) just by posting questions and answers. Or you can just say, Quello, is a question-answer platform(Dapp) developed for Hive blockchain, that pays you with Hive tokens for answering people's questions.

Exploring Quello

I am an SEO enthusiast so I love to analyze everything in terms of SEO. You all know about the best Q&A website Quora. Whenever you search any question on Google, the link from Quora will be on the first page. You can figure their popularity just by knowing that millions of people from all around the world are visiting Quora every day.

People are now desirous to know about new things, starving to gather new knowledge. And for this reason, they also ask a lot. So the value of question-answer websites is increasing day by day. And there are a certain amount of general users and experts in every niche who love to answer all the questions. For Free!


Let's see the terms why people are posting questions on the sites like Quello or Quora -

  • People can ask about their doubts and queries.

  • You can get tons of answers. And it allows you to learn a lot.

  • Beside Q&A most of the sites are offering blogging facilities as well.

On question-answer sites, you can answer questions asked by others. So let's see why people are answering questions on Q&A websites -

  • You could a popular identity by posting a lot of unique answers on your niche. By providing top answers your popularity will increase and it may give sales to any of your courses on the sites like Udemy.
    For example - You are answering all forex questions. If you get enough attention they may buy your ''Forex Trading Course'' from your website.

  • Though backlinks from Q&A sites are no-follow links, you can get lots of visitors if your answer is upvoted by the most of the people.

Not only Quora, there are lots of other Q&A sites like Answerbag, WikiAnswers, Askville, FunAdvice, etc. So what makes our new site Quello different from all others?

The easy answer is - Money!

No Q&A website will pay you for answering questions, for your effort. Quello will give all the facilities of a questions-answer website, along with the money.

Why Quello is Good?

I already told that Quello is a Decentralized Application based on Hive. Let's point out the main benefits of using Quello.

  • Unlike other Q&A websites, you'll earn money for every upvote on Quello. But you will get your reward on Hive token which you can convert to real cash if you need it. If you want to learn about Hive just check out the following article -

What is Hive and How does it work?

Different ways to earn Hive.

  • Another awesome feature about Quello is you can actually post questions as a comment on Hive Blog.
    Ok if you are already a regular Hive blog user than you know what I just meant! When you're joining to any Dapp by using Hivesigner and your Active key, you're permitting posting, voting, and lots other stuff. That means when you will post a question on Quello, it will be automatically posted on your blog.
    But you don't want a question with just a few sentences (Or no description) posted on your blog. Right?
    Everyone wants to keep their blog neat and clean. Quello allows you to post your question as a comment. And that comment will be posted on one of their assigned posts on Hive.blog. When people will upvote your question (Or answer as well) you'll still earn money.
    Theoretically, we can simply say that, Quello is allowing us to earn Hive without actually posting on Hive.blog.

These are the major reasons why I liked Quello. Quello already mentioned about all the features and benefits in one of their articles. I am just copy-pasting key features from that post. Hope @quello won't press any charges! 😜

Here're the key features that you can do as a user -

  • You can create a question in a variety of different subjects.
  • You can answer questions in a selection of different topics.
  • A broad selection of topics to explore, they'll be adding more in the coming days.
  • You can subscribe to a topic and view all related questions within your topic feed.
  • You can post a question to either your Hive blog or as comment held outside of your blog. This is what I just said in the previous paragraph.
  • You have the power to upvote and downvote questions and answers.
  • You'll get a unique user profile with user questions, answers, followers, and following and have the ability to edit profiles.
  • You can indicate topics you know about and filter view related questions within your suggested feed.
  • You can save questions for later.
  • You can search for questions.
  • You may request answers from other users (User must have used Quello and have answer requests enabled).
  • You can vote, comment, and secure the awesome benefits that Hive provides.
  • You can view related questions and check if a question has been asked before asking a question.
  • Quello has a simple help center that provides you with a selection of questions and answers surrounding using Hive & Quello.

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Recommendations for Quello

Quello is a brand new website that is passing its childhood. So, it has a lot of opportunity to develop. Quello team is always ready to adopt new ideas and suggestions. Here're my recommendations for the betterment of Quello. Most of these may look unnecessary, but it's not a crime to share what people think.

  • Besides Hive Quello can open their platform for all of the people. At this moment there is no signup option, and only Hive users can log in using Hivesigner. If we open this for everyone we will open a big door for the Hive community. When new users will see the dollar($) sign beneath all the questions and answers, they will be like - What the hell is going on here? and they may forget about using other Q&A sites.
    And they will search about Hive on Google, and may read my Hive related articles as well!

  • After the first login, Quello can show a window for choosing favorite topics. Or users can just leap that window using the ''skip'' button.

  • If the Quello team decides to open it for all, they can use ''Sign up using Google and Facebook'' besides email. They will be able to do everything except earning. To be eligible for earning money they need a Hive account.

  • In the earning section, Quello is showing a Hive sign. I will prefer ($) sign instead of Hive's sign. It's proved that people are still most attracted to Dollar.

quello hive

  • The website template is fine. But It's hard to read, text color looks faded. I hope they will use ''pure black'' text. Or maybe it's just my eyes! 😑

I have a lot of suggestions actually, but I won't bother the readers with my trash talk. I know the Quello team already has everything in mind, but the sooner they implement all their ideas, the more they will be advanced in the race. You can just join their Discord for chatting with them. That means you have the opportunity to talk directly with the authority.

I won't compare Quello with Quora at this moment. That won't be logical. But who knows about the future? Maybe, you will see Quello at the top of question-answer websites in the coming years.

I would like to thank @tobias-g and his team for this incredible platform. Quello has a lot of potentials. I wish it will reach to its destination soon.

Sign in to Quello - https://quello.io
Discord Group - https://discord.gg/5bgmJNm
Subscribe to Quello Community - https://hive.blog/trending/hive-163099

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