On my way to orcahood: 30,000 HP milestone reached

in #hive2 months ago (edited)

Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

I am excited to share another big milestone with you today as I just broke the long awaited 30,000 HP milestone :)


Back in the old times of Steem, we had that creative "aquatic" hierarchy in place and you might remember that 50k SP was the milestone for the orca status so again, I am a bit closer to this coveted goal.

This time around, I don´t have that cool and neat "30,000.000 HP" screen shot to share with you because I actually broke that mark when I was not online but whatever, it still feels great and I am really happy about this remarkable moment :)

Bez názvu.png

Increasing my HP hasn´t actually been that easy for me lately as my posts don´t do as good these days as they used to do before (my yesterday´s post was a nice exception though :D) but I can understand that. Most of my content is now made by series and regular (repetitive) challenges / giveaways and even though they are designed to help the community (especially newbies and little accounts) grow, I can understand that some people just don´t want to support them. It´s ok. I will be still hosting them but I have been also paying more and more attention to curation. I have been actually earning more HP through curation than posting lately and I will be definitely looking to put my growing HP to a good use ;)

Thank you again everyone who has been supporting me on Steem in the past and now here on Hive. I would never be celebrating these milestones without you.

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Congrats on your new milestone! That's a lot of hard work and a lot of photos! :)

Thank you so much :) Well, yeah, almost 3 years of daily posting and curating :)

Čistý záznam nebo ne, důležité je že stále "rosteš" :-). Že bychom dali malou sázku, kdy budeš mít 50k? Tipoval bych to tak na únor nebo březen příštího roku :-D

Už jsi mě hecoval u 25 tisíc, pamatuješ? ;) Momentálně to na kosatku vypadá tak za dva roky - vypotím teď sotva tisícovku HP za měsíc :D

Takový "brouček" v hlavě dokáže popohnat kupředu :-)

Tak já pojedu na kosatku a ty na delfína. Řekni si termín. Ať máš taky "broučka" :D

Jsem v polovině cesty. Pokud ho budu mít do 2.7.21, budu spokojen :-)

Držím palce ;)

Palce, křídla, ploutvičky :-)

Awesome and Congrats on reaching the milestone 👌👌

Thanks buddy :)

Wow, you are moving fast, good job and keep p the great work! :D

Well not as fast as I would want but I am going to keep pushing :D Thanks Gabriela ;)

Congratulations @phortun! Thank you for inspiring us with your remarkable content and keep up the awesome work! Cheers to that! 🍷👍

Thank you very much for these kind words my friend :) Really means a lot. Cheers!

Congratulations! And I do think every post that also promotes interaction and engagement deserves to be rewarded, as yours are! 30k is a milestone,I've reached 10% of that not long ago! 😁😁 To celebrate... cheers! !BEER

Thank you for such a kind feedback my friend :) Yes, engagement is very important for me. It always makes me sad when I see a great post that might even have a nice payout but no comments below... I am very grateful for the active and dedicated part of my followers base :)

I am very grateful for the active and dedicated part of my followers base :)

Totally deserved! 😉

Hey @phortun, here is a little bit of BEER from @pardinus for you. Enjoy it!

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Congrats my friend! I´m also thinking of buying these days.

Thanks buddy! Actually, all I have here is what I have earned :) I "only" invest my time and energy but I agree, this seems to be a great time to buy...

that´s even better ;) good on you!

I don´t have much time at the moment to post...but soon :)

I would like to sincerely congratulate you on this momentous event. Thank you for support. I wish you success and all the best.

Thank you very much :)

Blahopřeji ;-)


Díky moc :)

Není zač ;-)

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That’s great man you deserve it!
You are a great supporter of many #hivers ;)

Namaste 🙏

Thank you Iliyan :) Always eager to give back to the community ;)

Congratz! Nice milestone! :)

Thanks mate! :)

¡Felicitaciones! / Congratulations! :)

Muchas gracias Sofia :)

Good job dude! With this speed you will be 50k within this year I bet!

Haha I wish buddy but considering the pace of my current growth, it can easily take me another 2 years to get there :D (unless you power up a few million Hive and upvote my posts with that giant HP :D)

Oh that would be something! I will consider it, haha:)