Staking ZRX made me $1400 in profit even though I only received $1.51 in staking rewards...find out how

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Crypto has been such a great vehicle for increasing my wealth status, as I survived the Bitconnect scam, I sold Bitcoin at $16,800 and I made money in the ICO mania and I started staking coins before it was even a thing on YouTube.

Watch me exit this ZRX trade that I held for approx 30 days and made $1400 profit as well as a measly $1.51 staking bonus haha. There is a Very Good moral to this story however, I only bought ZRX at the BEST PRICES because I Knew I could stake it. So the staking did pay me Hansomely, because I bought when everyone else was selling, I would never have bought coins when everything was selling so hard back in March otherwise...So Thank You ZRX!

I knew that one day, ZRX would be worth more either through the coins technology and concepts and/or because if everyone else found out you can get Ethereum rewards just for staking it, then it should see a higher price later on. Boy was I right, I sold it at $0.39 after buying it at around $0.14 to $0.2.

Want to do it again with me? Then join and lets do the ICON trade together, see how in my next video...


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Winning in Crypto continuously means don't let your wins make you complacent, instead let them make you smarter and wiser by watching and learning what the Coin or Market is doing NEXT. Remember trending up or down is only about 10-15% of the time, mostly coins are in basing patterns or recovering from volatility, knowing this already means better entries and exits for you! 🥇👍🏼

Enjoy the content, I hope you get some wisdom and ideas from it all.

Peace! ✌🏼 ☮️ 😎

Disclaimer: I am not a financial consultant in any way, while I have studied cryptocurrency and the crypto space for years now, I cannot predict the exact future, as some companies or regulations may change the course of any of my recommendations and research findings.

Therefore, please use due diligence and make up your own mind about all cryptocurrency investments as they offer excellent rewards, but are not backed by any deposit or federal insurance, so invest wisely and in small amounts after a good review of the best, sound companies out there.