How often do you review the DHF Proposals?

in #hive3 months ago


I try to review the proposals once a week or so and make any changes based on new projects, or if there is a group that I'm not in agreement with anymore.

If you are using @Peakd as your frontend (as you should ;) ) it is a very simple thing to do, just go to the top right and select Proposals


Go through the list and select the projects that YOU want to see funded. Even if you only have a few HP, I'm just over 1000, it counts. This is how the community keeps the whales in check.

If you haven't voted on any proposals, take the couple minutes now and check it out.


I usually check every couple of weeks. Originally I was looking every week but I found that most weeks there were no interesting changes and that wasn't an efficient use of time.

The amount of time that I do "researching" on most DHF is minimal, its about the habit. 😀

I think that DHF is horribly under-utilized. So for me I just scan the headlines, see if there is anything new that I'm not voting on yet, and then read the proposal if there is. I don't do a ton of "research" beyond that because DHF is so under-utilized the actual benefit of any proposal needs to be pretty minimal to get my vote.

Highly agree, this is an amazing tool to develop the blockchain, getting developers paid, but there is always money left on the table.

Just checked again and updated a couple of votes. We are much closer to full utilization than we have been in the past. That makes me optimistic.

Noticed that too. There were months where there was huge sums left "on the table". Today we are only around $1400 a day, which is still a huge sum.


This is probably enough to fund 3 full time developers (anywhere in the world) and a part time project manager to keep the project on track. If I had more personal time, and an idea for a project, I would 100% take advantage of this.