Why is Hive so not luring as Facebook, Insta, Twitter

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We have seen trends that people join Hive and other blogging platforms, they start with a good zeal but in a matter of time lose interest and then the account goes dead. There may be more then 50% of such accounts with no activity happening. I have not looked at the stats but when I do manual curation for people who have been following me, I see that most of the accounts with low values have started and stopped blogging in a couple of months.


What are the reasons we think are not allowing people to continue on a longer basis. I see these 2 as major reasons for people to withdraw.

  • It definitely is a struggle in the first few months to start getting any value for the post, and this I see as one of the biggest draw back in terms of motivation for one to continue. I am not saying all of them face such problem, but yes at a large they do and this I see as one of the biggest hindrance.
    It really is a challenge for a newbie to get attention and start getting their content noticed. There should be some way as in to encourage all newbies and not just a few. An equal reward distribution from the big guys for the first couple of months with post value less then $1 is definitely going to lure them to continue.

  • The other one thing I see is that not everyone is interested in writing long content, if we can equally encourage shorter contents, that also will be a boost. FB, Insta, Twitter gains more traffic just for the same reason, because people need not really have to write a long post every time.
    Again here there are a lot of photography post which I see gets good momentum, but at the same time I have also noticed many a times that people who make a post with 1 or 2 photographs with very short content are shunned down.

There an be many solution to tackle this, but the one I see from my point of view is a - Sponsoship Program
It means that every new person who joins Hive is given a helping hand by one Whale. They can be a buddy for them for the first 3 to 4 months, until they have some reasonable earning of around 500 to 600 Steem, once they reach these levels then they can continue on their own. So every new person who joins with a zero balance can be assigned one Whale to be their guide.
Now for sure it is a mutual work and the newbie needs to show respect towards the support, so there should be certain guidelines laid to that too, like the number of post, the desired content quality of the post, interaction on the platform and so on.

What other problems do you think the newbies have to sustain and what are the possible solutions to it. Do share your thoughts and hope collectively the message can be passed on to people who can make a difference. Also to add on, more information on the Communities can be added into the FAQ section.
From my end what little I can do is, I support as many minnows as possible with manual curation.

Eventually some do make it over a period of time, but if there are some systematic ways of on boarding that will surely help get more and more people join the platform, eventually leading to an overall growth.

I am not sure, how many will even read this, but if you happen to and you feel you can make a difference in any way please do it.

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every new person who joins with a zero balance can be assigned one Whale to be their guide.

That may not be scalable, given that we have limited no of whales. But, all of the whales may join a force to reward new users more, may be based on reputation or reward balance ( not withdrawn at all say upto 2k hive). Current Curation teams are not enough to reward every good author, I believe.

True, no of whales are limited but there can be multiple accounts assigned to them, but yes definitely that statistics need to be taken. Your suggestions of pooling up for just new users is also very good. There need to be some improvement in managing the new people reward system to make it if not very attractive atleast to a level where they find motivation to retain.

Yes, I feel at least up to 2000 or 2500 SP (without they withdrawing anything till they reach there), we should reward them. I am sure, by that time, they will be habituated to the platform, if not addicted and then can decide.

I am planning on the same lines, to delegate some power to newbies for month on rotational basis. How much do you think will be good enough. I am thinking of 1K SP to one person a month, you think that is good or too less

1K SP would be a decent amount, but I think, we need more support from whales. Count me in as well, I can also delegate 1k SP to one or even two person.

Great, if we can come up with few also and support even if 1 or 2 people from our end will be great

I don't begrudge you rewards, but the fact that some whales are giving you a big vote on every post may be part of the problem, even if you have no say in that. They need to spread their votes wider. The problem is in finding good newbies to upvote. I know some of the curation projects work on that with people seeking out good content to send votes to.

I have my own little project that supports a set of small accounts.

New users do have to put in some work. They should be commenting, joining communities and doing challenges/contests to get noticed. That is what I did from the start. We do need tutorials that are easy to find. A new user should be sent straight to a tutorial with tips to get them started.

Retaining users is a major issue for Hive and we need the community to work on improving it.

You are right and I do agree with you and that's the problem of the whole system, when you reach to a certain level you start getting more support. In a way even that is not wrong, because the person has put in consistent effort to reach to that level and no matter what not given up. But still with that said the problem of the new joiner does not get resolved. The FAQs are there but still the hand holding needs to be done in terms of reward system because that is something that will retain the start up accounts.
I am aware @appreciator does support to an extent on this but this needs to come up from more to make it robust.

I also get a lot of auto votes. I would not mind if some went to new users instead.

The Hive.blog FAQ and Welcome page are good, but people may not notice them. Peakd also has a FAQ, but it is more hidden away. I think there is value in a site popping up tips until you tell it to stop as a lot of things will not be obvious. We can write posts with tips, but only a few people will see them.

I just want more people to get the benefits of Hive, but I can only help so many myself. I have been on Twitter helping some new users just this week. They do struggle.

I agree with this. Few newbies actually post quality content

There are some quality newbies, but they may give up when they don't get much attention. They may be people who do well elsewhere. We need to be proactive on welcoming them. I often share around good stuff I find or mention it in posts.

Of course there are plenty of people who just post pictures of their cat, but some of the bigger Hive users do that too and earn from it. It can be more about who you know than what you do.

Oh true! Connections do matter. And personality as well. I think it is a very interesting mix of many factors involved in becoming a successful user on Hive.

A good start would be seeing far less posts about the platform itself.

👀... shhh they might hear you

Not sure if a sponsorship program would work for the reasons mentioned here. But curation groups help a lot. One problem I think is that most people tend to not want to put a lot of work into their posts, and that posts wirh one picture sometimes tend to be seen as low effort But we can turn it around too: instead of making it all about posting, newcomers should know that curating is just as good. The problem: you need about 500 Hive to get going... so there might be another hurdle that isn't too easy to solve

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When the price goes up they all come back. This is what happened to me in 2017. It is after the bull market that you see who sticks and who doesn't. Right now we should be patient.

People post for free on Facebook and IG, getting just little hearts for their validation. Even if they post here and earn one cent, it is one cent more than they will every see for hours spent on Facebook. A small win versus no win = win. It is quite obvious, it is sad that some people lack motivation to pursue posting and engaging. Nothing comes easy for those who do not put out the work.

And…. who on earth has time to read more than two or three long posts each day? Swiping is more modern...

It isn’t as appealing because it takes time to draw a good and engaging audience and most people post complete shit, and even more have verbal diarrhea when they find out they can get paid to post shit.

@iflagtrash thoughts?

FB: Share my life (and it's not mandatory) and/or connect with the humans of the network (achievable by default)

IG: Share my media (and it's not mandatory) and/or connect with the humans of the network (achievable with little effort)

TW: Share my thoughts (and it's not mandatory) and/or connect with the humans of the network (achievable with little effort)

hmmm, there's a pattern there, I think?

HIVE: Share my stories (and it's mandatory if you want reward. And if you want that reward to be substantial, you better bring money)
Connect with the humans of the network? (very difficult since no basic chat exists, no decent mobile experience, places like discord are where the actual social exists, and it's very fragmented).

I honestly believe this place is broken, because people (who are winning no matter what) want it to remain broken. Because to them.. it's the perfect system.

Sponsorship program is a really good idea.

Projects like @Curie are doing a great job at rewarding new authors who post valuable content.

A structure with a lot of employees who work to find valuable content and then the authors of chosen posts get rewarded by whale with a small portion going to the curator may work well.

And when it comes to other social media platforms, the algorithms are what makes people come back (addictive) and also likes and comments are freely thrown around so that could be another reason.

I will try to keep this as succinct as possible. Beyond financial reward, people seek meaningful engagement. This is especially true for those who put a considerable amount of effort into their content. In effect, a simple cost benefits analysis at play, IMO.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes engagement is very important. I remember my first few months, where I would write and no one would ever notice, And those days there were no communities, it was really difficult to make yourself visible.

I have brought more than 10 people to the site. They all no longer use this excellent resource. But I am especially sorry for the talented people who can be very helpful for the site. A good friend of mine, a talented artist, did not want to publish here. Nobody noticed his work here. Your idea of supporting new users, more experienced people, is really worth considering. I liked your post. Personally, I won't post yet, I will be raising my Linkedin and Twitter accounts. I want to put things in order there. I wish you success. Many thanks.

I can understand your pain, specially if the person has really some good talent to showcase and it gets unnoticed here. I hope you can still find some light here and continue. And there is no problem with the English so do not bother on that :-)

Thank you very much for responding to my comment. I wish you success and all the best.

Please excuse me for my english. Thanks you

A lot of people also don't understand the amount of money Facebook, Instagram and Twitter spent on advertising to get users into their platform. 40 cents of every dollar any platform gets in investment these days goes into Facebook and Google. You cannot compare this to them, they have massive budgets to go out and acquire users at any cost.

Yes its complicated to sign up, yes it's not spreading out rewards and all that but this is still a well kept secret on the internet. You can tweet all you want, you can share on Fb all you want but those are isolated parts of the platform for good reasons why want you to spend to get reach and acquire users, that's the name of the game

FB and all are very very commercial and I do not support them much due to their policies, but we can always take some good learning from them also for our growth and implement. The thing is we need some serious actions from the big accounts. There are many whale accounts who do very limited voting, if that can be rationalized it can help in some way

Such a great idea. More curators are bloody need to support newbie hivers. It must be good when they are not only got nice welcome at the beginning. Hope everything going well in the future. I still believe this platform still belong to creative works.