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So sad people pushed HIVE to such low prices and people still keep voting on these dumpers.
steem even trades above since not so much drama and self milking.


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My dick. Suck it

I don't even know who you are other than three visits over the years where you downvote me at -100%.

Go hug a puppy, asshole.

That's why we downvote dumpers like you.

yes i dumped priced since a year... NOT

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Keep begging for those followers...

Yet you got 30,000 here and they don't vote or comment on your posts...

coz they moved to blog + my youtube - you can join too so you will learn a bit!

lol sure they did, "30,000" users just up and disappeared, oh wait, they never were here in the first place.

I probably forgot more about crypto than you ever will know. Besides, you don't need to learn anything to just spam referral links.