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RE: Shadowing: The Art of Productive Stalking in Hive

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I agree, Content is King is one of my favorite essays penned in the youthful days of Bill Gates. In that essay he was already telling the world about the future of the internet and the source of the revenue streams; it's happening now already. Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram are the biggest content creators in the world. But the problem with this model is that the content consumers, curators and creators don't earn from it. And that's where HIVE comes in. Saying that the HIVE platform solves this is an understatement. Adoption generally takes a whole generation to seep in. In a way, we are like the early users of email in the 70s. We are the early adopters of Web 3.0 so to speak.

Nice post. Very informative and useful. Put another way 'shadowing' is proactively following models, which is a great strategy and goal in itself. Good day po.

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Thank you for your comment. Like in other areas, the early adopters usually get the most benefit, and I hope when Web 3.0 takes a full throttle, its users will be rewarded for it.

You're welcome. I agree, it's good to be early in the game. Good luck to us.

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