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RE: I am the wolf in sheep's clothing

in #hive6 months ago

Wow fighting over which whale votes for you ? I remember the days when people were happy just to get any whale to vote for them and we fought against the bid bots. Amazing how far we have come.


pick a whale to vote for you. that is a nice option to have :D
maybe people will start downvoting themselves to counter the whale vote that they don't like :D

to be honest i think 12 to 14% Curation APR is a decent one, and it needs some effort do get, so both parties in this are doing a good job at it. (i assume, as i never got to calculations about that)

Yep. I 'only' get 8-9% APR for curation as I follow a few of the smaller photography curation trails (photofeed, photocircle, travelfeed, and some others etc) to try and help the photography community get some rewards. In the long run building robust communities is the key to success here. People worrying about a +/- a few % APR here and there is so irrelevant for a coin which could go down to zero or 50x in the next 2 years.

i think my biggest trail is on a local community that kinda fell apart, but there are some people still posting, and i am maybe 3-4 biggest vote in that trail. everything else is scrolling through my feeds. big active communities could be the key.

Yep. I simply don't have the time to be that active so the best I can do with my HP is support some projects that I think are worthwhile.