Entry for The BBQ & Burgers Contest | Chicken Cheese Burger from Netflixx Cafe | Netflix and Chill!

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Tasteem Food Contest Review

Post No : 8th
Topic : BBQ & Burgers
**Restaurant : Netflixx Cafe

🔹 Food Item Name With Price :

  1. 🍔 Chicken Cheese Burger : 210 Tk
    ➡️ This one of my favourite Burger Which was covered with Cheese. As a result this item is so tasty and juicy. It made with a Chicken Patty and some mayonnaise. Netflixx Cafe also added their special sauce with their food. There are 3 version of their burger item. Such as Mild, Spicy and Naga. I took the spicy one of them.


  1. 🍹Oreo Shake : 120 Tk
    ➡️ It was so yummy and tasty as well. I was in love with their. The Combination of Chocolate and Coffee lair was pretty great. Even it decorated with a Oreo Cookie🍪. Overall It was a perfect drink after taking a burger.


🔹 Environment :

Netflixx Cafe is the perfect place for a Netflix Lover! Though I am not a regular audience of Netflix, but I watched some korean drama by using Netflix. If you are a pure Netflix lover then you can find a real feel to chill yourself.


Netflixx Cafe doesn't have enough space. But the whole space is so much decorated with some Netflix poster. There is also a red vibes on this cafe. Maybe It could be the best place for couples.


Love this one most. There is some scenarios of popular drama of Netflix. Though I was not watched any of them, but I still love this decoration. Netflixx Cafe is also a great place for taking photos. You will find some awesome background to take selfies or photos.


❤️ Beautiful Decoration
💜 Best place for Netflix or TV Series lover
💙 Have some awesome background for taking photos.
💚 Recommended for hangout and arranging birthday or other occasions.


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Restaurant Information

Netflixx Cafe
589 Shahid Baki Rd, Dhaka 1219, Bangladesh

Entry for The BBQ & Burgers Contest | Chicken Cheese Burger from Netflixx Cafe | Netflix and Chill!
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