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RE: Hive Today - October 10th, 2020

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Cool updates! Thanks for this summary 😉👍🏼 hmm just to mention HF issues driving some codes crazy as @risingstargame sent to my account multiple cards that I had to send back. I wasn't aware of the duplicate ones sent. So I wish the HF will go smoothly.

Cool to see @dbuzz updates featured. @chrisrice will be happy. But users like me will be happier once @dbuzz gets linked to twitter 😉👍🏼


That's crazy. I hope your card situation is sorted out swiftly.

Wow that's a shame @iamraincrystal, sorry to hear what happened w/ @risingstargame.

I'm not a Gamer but I am still a fan of all #HiveGames..

P.S. I'm waiting for the Buzz-to-Twitter too!