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Being boring is optional. Doing boring posts may be popular but it's not compulsory.

It's only my opinion, but starting every statement with "it's only my opinion, but" is as boring as fuck. Who else's opinion are you going to post that is better then your own one? Grow a pair of legs and run with your own opinion.


This is not financial advice but most posts about cryptos are as boring as fuck too. If you are going to write about cryptos or any other financial subject, then yes, it is financial advice.

If it's not financial advice, is it financial porn, or financial vegan recipes, or financial yoga?

No, probably not - so it is financial advice, and you might get sued by someone on Leo Finance if you make a wrong prediction ... Yeah, nah, just grow a set.

Now that I've got all that out of the way, let's talk opposite of boring - STIMULATING.

Its only my opinion, and this is not financial advice, but to be stimulating a post needs to have an eye catching top image - something that also works as a thumbnail - it needs to be a postage stamp sized kick in the nuts. And alongside that thumbnail there needs to be an eye-catching headline - think like a newspaper editor - and those clowns really know how to make up headlines:




Yeah, even that sort of crap is more stimulating than "Potential increased returns on staked DEFI tokens"


There is more to it than that but what I'm really saying here is:

1. Grow a set and stop behaving like a gimp

2. Include some kick arse pictures

3. Start with an in your face headline

Beyond that it probably doesn't matter much, because most people only look at the top picture and the first line anyway.

Yes, long posts with thousands of words do tend to get bigger rewards, but that is not because they are more stimulating, it's because the accounts handing out the big upvotes are using the word count as a means to determine how "worthy" a post is.

Blathering on for thousands of words, is usually as boring a fuck as well. Being paid by the word is one of the key reasons most modern writing is such utter drivel. Yes it also may be because the people writing it are a bunch of retards, but it's safe to say 500 words are going to be more stimulating them 5000 (with very rare exceptions)

Pictures on the other hand, have a direct relationship to nipple size so always include more.


New token idea: Proof Of Stimulation (POS)

Now put your pants back on, and start posting some stimulating shit!



Some people just have so much damn trouble getting those pants on...😎


I enjoyed that more than I should have :P



LMAO 🤣🤣. Damn, I feel really sorry for that lady, I would have really loved to help.

You dirty young man you....

I remember when I used to be funny, but Hive isn't funny anymore.

It's like a bunch of people trying not to get in trouble with the bosses. lol


Join the resistance!


But just who are the bosses and who are we resisting?

But just who are the bosses and who are we resisting?

Now that's a question that nobody will ever answer around here LOL....and if you try asking in 'public', then watch out!

Are you causing trouble again sir? Didn't you know that there are no "bosses" around here? We are on a decentralised platform!

Maybe that's why people are not funny anymore. They actually think that there are "bosses" around here. Now we also know why nothing is financial advice either. You will get into trouble with the hive bosses lol.

It's about time to make trouble again before this turns into gimpworld!


it's hard to stimulate people online if you're not a sheila :)

it can be done...


Man, I've read a lot of Hive tips, advice and unfortunate shit like that and I'm telling you this right here is the ultimate! Best tip I've read so far on hive. It's not right at all a lot of us are comfortable being boring school teachers/children. We can surely have more fun than this, let's go get it!

By the way, hope you don't mind me leaving my pants off, my balls need a little air, thank you.

Give your balls all the air they need! - hey are you into trannies? - check out my latest post - lots of balls


Hahahaha. No, thanks, I'm not into trannies, which is good news for you because it means more trannies for you.

Before putting your pants back on , stop shitting ,.. just some tip , not mandatory , it could by that you like your own shit that much . I am not gonna judge that ,.. hell no ,.. i stay far away from such site and smell if you don't mind .
On the other side , it could be very funny or educational to post about people or person's that where caught with there pants down in a awkward situation . Now don't run to the nearest public bathroom to shoot some picture's ,... There is already enough content like that in the trending and hot section's on Hive .
Stop thinking with your ass , try plugging that brain back in ....

Wut ? there paying by word count ,.. where's my random text generator ???
I am gonna bore all to death while making big coin.. ;-)

you can do this...

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So you weren't wearing pants all this time?


not all the time...



This is only my opinion but I need to tell you, everything I'm saying right now is worthless, because I've already discounted myself as being just another one of these fucking monkeys with words to say and I don't want to be in trouble because of them.

And to think i was giving you a free pass to be long winded...


I guess I ran out of breath.