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RE: Opinion on the Airdrop Proposals

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I have a rather different opinion. I think that the blacklisting should've been limited to stinc accounts only. And I am voting in that way now as well. I do not think that it's worth for that small amount of abuser funds to be moved to @steem.dao to have innocent users not get their stuff soon. Also, I don't think that the odds are in the favor of the innocent after the three proposals we have now.


We shall see. Having individual proposals makes more sense than general lumping.

I don't know how small is small in your eyes. Everyone's stake is small compared to the bulk of STINC. Even @freedom seems like nothing in front of it. There are several whales and large orcas on the list as well.

At the end of the day, your community is only as good as the worst person/behavior you allow to keep.