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Were you in the crypto space late 2017 and early 2018? Do you remember that time when Bitcoin exploded and lots of alts followed suit? What an exciting time that was!

By December 2017 I had been in the crypto sphere only about 7 months, and knew absolutely nothing about cryptocurrencies before joining Steemit in May 2017. That started my journey into crypto, and it was a rabbit hole I'm still going deeper into. At first I read so much, about all the cryptos I heard someone mention, and used some of my Steemit earnings to buy pretty random coins.

I basically viewed to whole thing like a game and never really thought anything would come of it. I was just collecting tokens, little bits here and there, concentrating on the blogging part more than actual money I got of it. Of course I was always trying to get more, but at that point it was still such a foreign concept to earn this magical internet money that it was still just numbers on the screen, and not on the bank account. But after 7 months of just collecting these weird ass shitcoins, it all blew up like crazy. It was insane watching the value of many coins go up ten-fold, or more.

After the bubble burst, like pretty much every half-sane person knew it would, it's been down and up and mostly down for cryptos since that. Many have left, some new ones are buying in, old ones check back if we have mooned yet, and then leave again. Overall I feel it's been so quiet in the crypto space for a long long time.

The first time in ages I feel like there was action was the Steemit-Tron-Hive war, and now I feel like we're seeing who the clear winner is. I know we always keep talking about community, freedom and technology over money, but got damn can nobody deny the surge of endorphins a good bull run gives to everyone involved.

I haven't seen this much excitement in two years! I know I'm biased of course because I hang out in the Hive community and only follow people with similar interests, I have no idea if the crypto community outside Hive has any idea how major the past 24 hours has been. It's been a good day!


I love it that my vote is actually bigger than 2 cents.

I don't mind that either :D

HIVE is great. I've been converting all my Steem for more. I would expect $5 or so soon especially since Binance will most likely list it.

Nice pic BTW.

Converting steem to hive at these prices is soooo anticlimatic don't you think? 😅 The Binance listing for a nice surprise for this morning!

Yes, from 10 cents to $1 Steem converts doesn't matter to me. If Hive goes mainstream then $20 will be a cheap price. For me:

Hive > Steem

Nice picture, and yes you're right this is very exciting times again.

Thanks, do you like my expertise photoshop action for the censorship? :P

It's actually in the way of a few things I wanted to get a closer look at LOL

No. ;)

It's been an explosive great day. I did this animation early in the morning and it is already outdated! I have the feeling price will exceed $1 in hours.

Haha we'll see, I don't think anyone knows what will happen in the nest 24 hours :D

I'm extremely happy about the sudden turn of events :D

Before I bought my Sigma 100-400mm I was trying to decide if I should buy a macro lens or the Sigma telezoom. I just sold my liquid Hive (and my liquid Steem) and now I should have extra money for the macro lens too!

Bees and other tiny friends, here I come.

That is just the best when you can use the gains to invest in new gear! Most of my camera gear is paid with steem :D

Kun olin ostamassa edellistä objektiivia, kaikkialla myytiin myös kasapäin hyväkuntoisia käytettyjä makro-objektiiveja. Rajalallakin taisi olla 4 makroa myynnissä samaan aikaan, joista 3 oli todella hyväkuntoisia ja 1 oli sellainen jossa on käytön jälkiä.

Nyt ei löydy enää mistään mitään. Pitää kai ostaa sitten tämäkin uutena :D

Actually the Zeitgest FEELS a little like that time. But we've been hurt before so I remain..skeptical :)

A fair bit scepticism is always healthy :)