Carnivals and Carnivores - Hive Finland Meetup

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These pictures have not much to do with todays little meetup, but since it's all fun and games up in here and I took these on my way home from the meetup, I think they would suit well enough.

This was for my knowledge the first Hive Finland meeting, the previous one with some of the same players was last year during the time of the chain we shall no longer speak of.

What happens in a Hive meetup, stays in Hive meetup...

...but along with me, the people present were @insaneworks, @celestal, @rrusina and @gamer00. We spend quite a few hours together and the conversations flowed pretty easily. Topics ranged from photography to planting false memories, so while I think I really enjoyed myself, I can't trust my memory. If it's all same to you, I'll just believe my brain and say it was once again fantastic to hang out with these brilliant people Hive ecosystem harbours.

Until next time, long live HIVE!




I am looking forward to seeing a cool picture together @insaneworks, @celestal, @rrusina and @gamer00.

Here's a photo... I was behind the camera I sadly couldn't join in.

I had to redact the one with the Porche. It was a nice Porche though.

That was me driving by in the Porsche...Couldn't find a damned car park!

Lies! I know for a fact that you're a Fezza fan, and you'd never let your manly self be seen in that. Where's your F430 Spider now, eh? XD

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Oh yeah, I was going to bring it but it wasn't going very well...Just like Scuderia Ferrari in the F1 currently.

It's funny, because there's a common understanding that if Ferrari does absolute shite in F1, their road-cars are amazing. Vice versa, if their road-cars are shit, you know that their F1 team is going to win absolutely every race. It's the Ferrari Curse, and seeing how awesome their road-going cars are these days, you can imagine...

I'll never own one and so don't really care too much about how their road cars go.

On another note, I'll be adding some accessories to the Landcruiser soon. Il do a post. Bullbar, lift kit with GVM upgrade and some spot lights. Probably $7000 or so. I'll do a post about it though, explaining the concepts.

I saw a rally car today, here is a picture:


I just want to be included in this conversation :( @zacknorman97

Yes, yes, and yes... We must know more about your Landcruiser. Sounds like a big pile of dosh, but I can't wait to know what you've done to it :-D

Ah, gotta love a wide angle lens and no posing 🙃

Ah, hyvästi osittainen anonymiteetti.

Dodih, tein minkä kykenin. Täytyy vilkaista jos löytyisi jotain kivaa noiden kuvien tilalle.

Thank you for sharing.

Happy to cool HIVE People

The second image is great!

Sucks I couldn't make it.

Thanks! You were missed, let’s make sure you can be in the next one again.

Yep for sure. Just so much happening close together on the timeline right now :/

The second image is really cool!

Thank you Markku!

Love the perspectives... the angles of the first two especially!

Thank you so much!

You're most welcome! :)
Seems no. 2 is most popular...

Is there still a STEEM finland community and yall like gangsters now like this be our crew don't mess with the HIVE squad lol that would be fun to see

Haha no I don’t think so since there is like 10 of us and we all know each other 😅

This is amazing. I bet @nathanmars would love this eheh

Nathan gets some major kicks when ever Hive people see each other 😁

It's very true

Great images!

Thank you!

The old G-dog couldn't make it...And wasn't actually invited so...Yeah, feeling left out right now. :)

I really want to say something different as a few have praised that second image but...Sometimes one needs to follow the crowd. Nice snap.

IF you had been in Finland, you would had been invited for sure!

Well sometimes the crowd is right and it would be stupid to disagree just because. ;)

Aww, thanks Eve. Would have been cool. There will be a chance, when this flu fucks off.

Oh yeah, sometimes the crowd is right, why forge ones own path when the crowd has created one already?

Hope you're having a good weekend.

So you had this saved in your backyard for your camera only! :D Cool pick, the second one. :)

Well I might have taken a small detour on my way 😂

This is just what we talked about. "There's nothing to see here" when there always is. :) Or was the detour more than 5 km long?

Considering I walked 12km yesterday, I'd say yes, it almost was 😂😅

Almost the same here. My numbers for yesterday is 12,7 km and 16642 steps. And I spent 3 hours in the train so that's a lot although it didn't seem like a lot at that time. Except for the heat that took it's toll of course.

Damn it, 12,4km for me to be exact.

I bet I walked 300 meters in the shopping malls searching for a toilet. Or perhaps that was more, 300 meters was the flea market visit.

Lovely photos! It's great to see these meetups happening, where us Hivers (Hive-ians?) can engage with each other beyond our avatars. Hopefully someday, we'll have a meetup with more than just a few people, eh? 😁

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