Opinion on the Airdrop Proposals

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         So the day has come. It's time to decide what to do about those who missed out on the initial HIVE airdrop. I don't like writing Hive-specific posts, but here's my understanding of the situation.

         There are 3 proposals available.

For individuals that supported hostile take over
For proxied voters
No more airdrops

         If you look at the list of people affected, you'll soon find yourself at a dilemma. There are both bad actors and innocent individuals who made mistakes. How do we rectify this? This makes no sense!

         Ah, but carry on reading on the main @hiveio post. When you get to this part, things begin to make sense.

The "No Additional Airdrop" proposal has an extended voting period well into the future. This will allow it to serve as the companion to any individual proposals or groups that may come up after the main voting. It allows for the community to give feedback on the airdrop outside of the context of the return proposal, saves anyone who chooses to create an additional "for" vote the cost of creating an additional "against," and allows those who are against airdrops to vote without impacting development of community proposals seeking funding unrelated to initial distribution.

         In essence, the No Additional Airdrop proposal will serve as a Return Proposal. Any individual pleas that gain support past that will receive their airdrop. This way, the community could help individuals without giving in to those who harmed us.

My Verdict

  1. Vote for no additional airdrop.
  2. Support individuals to push out their proposals.
  3. Support the said proposals.
  4. Let the bad actors be out of the airdrop they were not entitled to in the first place.

Tl;dr - Support No Additional Airdrop proposal. Help individual proposals later.

These are my opinions and does not reflect general consensus.


Basically, dont read any of those 4 convoluted posts. Just read this post.

I wouldn't go that far, but I figured I would take the time and put a more concise version along with my opinions.

But of course, my interpretation could be wrong.

With you on this one 👍🏽


I agree give the airdrop to some innocent people that got caught up in the mess but the rest shouldn’t get shit. They don’t want to be apart of our community they just want to dump their airdroped Hive for more $.

That's why they are furious about the whole airdrop when they'd rather stay on Steem.

As long as you are cutting out the obvious aggressors and the ninja mined stake, I don't see the problem with just giving them the airdrop. We could have allowed everyone to come over besides the ninja mine and Hive still would have been a much better platform that Steem.

The obvious aggressors needed to go.

I fully agree with this analysis. I will probably do the same although I don't have the time to deeply think about it at the moment.

I wish we never had to think about this in the first place.

Thank you for expressing it so simply and clearly.
I'm voting Yes to Proxy and Yes to Individuals. I want this madness to be over ASAP.

May be over sooner than you think.

Pretty much what I think, The individuals can state their case and I'll vote accordingly.

Glad I'm not the only one.

At first I was just going to pinch my nose and vote for the two groups to get their airdrops just so the innocent ones wouldn't get caught in the net, but if they are going to make appeals for individuals and smaller groups and I don't have to vote for the scum just to spare the innocent, then I'm all for that. I changed my vote and I'm hoping we're going to see some appeal proposal from some that I believe should receive the airdrop. I'd rather keep the riffraff out of Hive as much as possible if I can help it.

I sure hope things play out the way you and I had hoped.


I have a rather different opinion. I think that the blacklisting should've been limited to stinc accounts only. And I am voting in that way now as well. I do not think that it's worth for that small amount of abuser funds to be moved to @steem.dao to have innocent users not get their stuff soon. Also, I don't think that the odds are in the favor of the innocent after the three proposals we have now.

We shall see. Having individual proposals makes more sense than general lumping.

I don't know how small is small in your eyes. Everyone's stake is small compared to the bulk of STINC. Even @freedom seems like nothing in front of it. There are several whales and large orcas on the list as well.

At the end of the day, your community is only as good as the worst person/behavior you allow to keep.

Agreed with this & voted this way, let's decide for individuals on a case by case basis.

I hope some of them will make proposals.

Yeah me too, but I suppose some may not be active here without a stake

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