2021 With New Plans

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It's been a long time since my last post and it took me a couple of days to write now.

We had the Corona situation at home but we successfully got over it too.

During this time I also sold 2 TE Sites to a new owner .... it was too much of everything and I sincerely hope my decision is right.

It was not an easy decision .....


So now I want to focus only on the important things including in my mailer and posting and increase passive income on Hive with Index and CTP- @ctpsb and @ctp tokens

Here is my statistic .... a few days ago I invested around $ 80 on hive and hope focus will help me more



How to set a beneficiary for your posts on Hive

Manual I Give 10% Hive to @ctpsb account


Your portfolio is growing nicely. I believe that's it's a great strategy to create content and with the earnings increase the passive income sources. Good luck for your 2021!

TY very much for stop by....focus is big thing for me.lol

I am happy to hear you are all feeling better after the Corona virus. I agree that it would be a difficult decision to sell off businesses in which you had invested so much of your time and energy. But it is also good that you know what is really important to you and have chosen to invest your time and energy into that instead.

One more thing, thanks for putting in the link to the post for manually putting a beneficiary on a post.

TY Lisa yes i had to deside on prioryties and my family too.Now i have more time with less work

You're welcome, Elizabeta! And that is actually my goal to have more passive income and be able to spend more time with family and hobbies.

Made in Canva


Good morning 🌄 I am glad you got through. Thanks for the great information

YW Cheryl