Quick Updates for DublUp: Feb 5th, 2021

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We received some great initial feedback and we've had our first market created by @inertia enter into settlement. Multiple oracles have already confirmed that they have cast their votes and the market should finalize and disperse PAL rewards shortly. There are plenty of other markets heating up, including BTC and ETH future price predictions. Let's discuss a few changes based on user feedback!

First and foremost, it would appear that the burn fee to create a market was a bit too aggressive and we've decided to adjust the burn fee to 50 PAL (down from 100 PAL). We are also working to create and release some visual upgrades to the site. We're gaining oracles fairly quickly, which helps to decentralize validation, and hope to have over 20 oracles validating market outcomes soon. Thanks for your patience and feedback and we appreciate the support the HIVE community is showing us and look forward to growing with you!


That's excellent progress! The site is definitely functional now and there's a clear path to upgrade it further. Nice work.

Woooo hoooo! great job guys! love where this is going.

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Is there a way to tell how big a pool a market is? It's not intuitive to me if so.

It was actually just added to the site yesterday. We're taking feedback from the community and trying to build features like this where we can. There will be a post about this update shortly.

That is actually something we're working on adding now! In the meantime you can use the cool @banjo feature that Inertia added in the discord server by typing $predict and the market name. This is still early and we have new features and visual upgrades in the works.