Exciting DublUpdate 2/16/2021 (The prediction markets are getting bigger!)

in #hive2 months ago


We are still working hard behind the scenes to build in requested features and finish the visual overhaul of the site, but we wanted to share some exciting news! Not only have we seen our biggest markets being made over the last couple of days, some of which you can still participate in, but we're now up to 19 oracles from different communities all over the HIVE ecosystem. We are grateful for the support and community involvement!

The market sizes have been growing pretty quickly too. This BTC price prediction market has over 1,000 shares already, mostly on the bullish side. It seems the BTC and HIVE predictions are the most popular so far, but there's still time to join in on the $GME and ETH price prediction markets. If you want to join the community on Discord, you can chat with Oracles and other users in real time!

We want to send a special thank you to all of the awesome Oracles that are giving us a chance and helping to build a community around this awesome new tool that we've designed just for the HIVE blockchain. Without Oracles to validate the markets, our design wouldn't work and we want to acknowledge the effort and dedication of the people playing an important role in keeping the markets fair and unbiased.