What a story - See what happened on STEEM today

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What happened on STEEM today

A lot of DRAMA and a white knight and 23 million #Steem and me laughing for a long time after fully understanding what happend.

Pic from a Tweet of @girlgone_crypto on Twitter

From 23 million #Steem being removed from actual user accounts to someone then apparently compromising that new account and transferring the funds to Bittrex …this story has been crazy to follow.

I interview #hive witness @fredrikaa to get the scoop.
made by @girlgone_crypto (what is you hive account?)

A great interview on youtube

Here is the video and you will enjoy it.

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50% of the earning from this post goes to @fredrikaa

Some cool animations

More important than ever
I love to be come true for #HIVE.

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Another on for all Bees at the #HIVE

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The #BeerSaturday moved to #HIVE

Sure, there are many things still in progress, but we all need a beer at the weekend and the #BeerSaturday waits for you posts

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Every week we call ALL THE BEERLOVERS around the world to send a beer story & some pictures to the worldwide beer community to celebrate the BeerSaturday challenge here on the blockchain.

Today the HIVE #BeerSaturday Challenge calls for YOU to JOIN the fun at this week.

Love to see your post for this week

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I know the HF from @happyphoenix as i have not been active since last week or so, but the HF itself is kind of a ninja HF, no big news like it used to be before the Sun Power come into exsistance. but the twist is really funny tough.

Wow. That's sad. It's too To see steemit head the way it has.

Glad you liked the video! Though you could have been kinder to me with where you took the screenshot😂😂

Hehe, I had another one which was way worse ....

Enjoy and we may have a Update call to work more together.