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RE: First Year On Hive! Powerup-quickie before the HF! 34`000 Hivepower! +EPIC+10 HD Pics!

in #hive9 months ago

We never met and i found you on this mile stone, congrats and i love all the plans you are making, thriving is what i love


Wohoo, nice to meet you and thank you for the suportive comment.
Thriving is wha I love as well, sadly at the moment, the day only has a few houers, so I can't be blogging as much as I'd like to.

Love the hiveverse #hivefive to you and a
!BEER for you as well 🍀🍻⚡
All the best, stay happy and healthy 🏅
Greetings from switzerland 🇨🇭

I use drafts and schedule in peakd so much these days because indeed time is a thing

Yeah, I use to scedule posts as well, but at the moment, it has hard to catch up with the scedual hahaha
All the best to you, love the engagment you bring to hive!

Forgot the

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