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Bossku has been sitting here all day watching the steem price going all the way up up up, and then sitting here and watch it come back down down down. It's like, what does it have to do with bossku?


You see, the biggest problem now is, bossku is not a real boss, bossku is only a cash cow. Boss has been heisting, running drug biscuit factory, and even facilitate with 1MDB facility, and in the end, all my steem cookies has been distributed, and bossku even power down, underwear also give to all of you already. I really hope some of you will remember me when we are on the #hive network. I really hope to receive some support from any of you so bossku will not feel miserable sitting here like waiting to get killed by previous enemies.


I heard it's not ready yet, but I'm logged in and waiting already.


Join the community in our migration to Hive, a community built blockchain for the community. All Steem account holders will receive equivalent stake on the new Hive blockchain.

Please see this post on SteemPeak for more information.

TeamMalaysia is in for sure =)

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