Dear HIVE, welcome our New Friends from Uptrennd!

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Well, kids, we're here! Uptrennd for all it's fun, is leaving the world. It was a good run, we met some interesting people, and NOW, it is leaving as of END of May.

So, what can we do?
For one, be thankful and move on. @Shadowspub, @dreemsteem and I (@bluefinstudios) are helping as many as are interested, to come back to HIVE, or to JOIN The HIVE Blockchain.

We've just completed our first session on TIGER TRENND Discord, on WHAT IS HIVE, and How Can I Join?

After the mere briefest of briefs, here are our UPtrennd Friends who are joining us on HIVE:

Thanks in ADVANCE for welcoming our new friends to HIVE



PLEASE, consider following them and welcoming them to the Chain!

Always, I strive to give back

To the animals and birds around me

to put more plants in than I take out

And be a good steward for the world around me!

All Photos by Bluefin Studios unless specified.
Story first published by me, on On Uptrennd




Aww it's so nice to meet my family on Hive, I have followed all of them and I hope to see their awesome blogs all over Hive.

I know what my Uptrennd family can do 🙂 you guys are awesome.

Welcome to Hive once more, let's Hive it!!! 🤭

I just followed them now and it would be another great journey here together.

Welcome guys! It's gonna be a fun ride if you all put in your best efforts.
All the best on this new journey. Nice to have you guys around!

Thanks Alot for pimping the profile of these fabulous writers.

Starting afresh in a new place is not easy but we have what it takes so, we will give our best and hope for the best

Remember, we help our friends and family. We're here, to spread good and help others!

Of course, it's already carved on my mind.
I will do my part to help everyone.

Thanks Boss 🥳

Though Uptrennd is leaving us but it has left us with so loving a family. I am really very happy to be together again on another platform. I am very thankful to @dreemsteem @bluefinstudios and @shadows who are working selflessly bring us to another shelter

Cool idea! Good to see you all trying to onboard.

Some really great people on the team.

Thanks for putting up a beautiful presentation today.The whole process was enlightening and easy for beginners. Many thanks @Shadowspub @bluefinstudios @dreemsteem

I am thrilled we could help you, @mrenglish

I am here too 😅
I am glad to still be part of Tiger Trend Discord too and seeing my other mates there. I will surely follow those not on my list yet.

ADDED to our List, Miss Princess!

Thank you very much 🙈🤗

Jeeeeeeez! This so amazing , it's a really a thing of joy for to Meet my uptrennd family here again, and I'm sure we are all going to leave a foot prints here.

Yeah, let's continue to grow together here again, making impacts and making the luight to radiate for all to see.

Let's give it all we got and stay focus for our aims to be achieved. Yip! We are going with the moving training.💣

Glad to see my UU family here;
First of all, I am grateful to @Shadowspub @bluefinstudios @dreemsteem who have motivated and stimulated many of us to continue work as creative writers. In the time of despire, we have been shown a new way of showing our capabilities.
A warm welcome to all of the family let's adore this platform with our unique and quality work. 🤝☺