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RE: The Downside of Downvotes

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great posts to read when you come back from vacation :)

i wanted to say that Removing Hive rewards will kill hive if done before we have 500.000+ (arbitrary number that i just made up) active users and RC are in heavy demand and can earn hive holders some profit. Because why would i have 20k of Hive when i can have 1k and do everything. And not that i am delusional that my 20k can make a difference to governance or proposal voting. Killing curating distribution will just centralize it.

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Well, that's why I said with caveats. There needs to be other things in place before HIVE rewards can be removed. And I think rewards should always be a part of things, just not HIVE. LEO is paving the way to this understanding for others, and I'm sure more will follow.