How to Set Your Currency Settings to Bitcoin in Ecency

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I try to just Hodl, for the most part, any crypto that I come across. It helps keep me from loosing a bunch of coins in fees, and It keeps me from getting into any crappy projects that I won’t ever use.

One of my favorite alts is $HIVE but as we all know $BTC is the King of Cryptos.

Honestly, the main thing helping me hold hive is it being staked BUT, I also like to use a strategy that helps me hold other cryptos like Ethereum in my hive mobile wallet ecency.

And that strategy is valuing everything $BTC!

Pretty simple huh?

I think changing my settings in my mobile apps to show bitcoin as the main currency really helps me manage my emotions.


I don’t like seeing $USD in too many of my crypto apps. I’d go crazy looking at the app every 5 mins to see the price changes. I’d be chasing trades and getting dumped on. Dollars are just too much for my brain to handle looking at.

Changing my main currency to bitcoin took a little bit to get used to but it did give me a few advantages. It helps me not get to emotionally crazy when the prices are moving down or up. And it gives me more of a big picture view of what’s going on with hive in terms of crypto.

But enough yapping here’s how to set your main currency to bitcoin in ecency!

Tap your profile icon in the top left corner


Tap settings


Select bitcoin from the drop down menu


And now your wallet and post rewards values will show in bitcoin instead of US Dollars.


This is gonna help keep your hands strong! 💪🏾🙌🏾
(Strong hands in crypto is a mental game)

I will say in the case of hive this hasn’t been the most fun experience so far.

I’ve been watching the bitcoin value for my profile drop for months and it hurts.


But something about watching me loose decimal places vs whole numbers is a lot easier in my mind, and I feel it keeps me from powering down and selling.

And over all it’s helped me see the bigger picture. I’ve been able to hold off purchasing hive, and now I can do a lot more with the little bit that I had set aside to power up hive!

May sound crazy but this is something that’s made my altcoin experience a lot smoother than it really should’ve been at times.

Just saying!

But what do you think?

Do you have any hacks that help you manage your crypto emotions?

Share in the comments!

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For a moment, I thought Ecency was rewarding in BTC. Is cool to see your vote value in BTC.

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Yeah it’s alright but it be cooler if they went a step further us show like the vote value and rewards in a currency of our choosing as well.

I’d like to view my stake in btc but have my post rewards and vote value in $hive. If I had my way!

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