2021 My Year of the Dolphin 🐬

in #hive2 months ago

Omg tomorrow’s gonna be the first hive power up day of 2021!

I’m excited! If you’re not you’re weird, seek out some professional help...

I really wanted to see how much hive power I had on 1/1/20 but I couldn’t find it anywhere so hopefully I remember to come bad to this post at the end of the year to see how this account has grown.


I’m really feeling like this is gonna be the year of the dolphin for me though!

I just can’t wait to login onto hive.blog that day and see that dolphin badge next to my name.

When I get there I might have to throw a party live on vimm or something!

But in general I feel like it’s gonna be a great year for the hive blockchain. Lots of great things happening here...

It’s looking like we’re in the bull market, hopefully that will bring some new users in. Can’t have bitcoin and not be at least a little curious about hive. Right???

And we have all these amazing things being built here too! It has to go well!

I hope 🤞🏾


Yes!! And me as well.

I am going to keep powering up HP and also buying HBD in 2021


Same here man! Hive is pretty cheap right now too so it doesn’t take much to do a whole lot.

I might be using more of my rewards to try some things out in the hive engine though, I’ve been seeing come cool games and projects on there lately.


You know I think it is good to keep some HP in HIVE and some HIVE in HBD, I am all for 100% HP in theory but its nice to be able to play some games. In addition to holding some liquid Hive, some can be turned into Swap.Hive so you can trade BEE tokens to create your own token or get some DEC, SIM, LEO or BEER on the Hive-Engine. There are so many cool things to do here. Have you tried Splinterlands yet? How about tried Dominuus? Or dCity? I have just a simple Circus and a Research Center.


I didn’t really understand how to play splinter lands but I just got started with dcity a couple of days ago.

Still not exactly sure what I’m doing, I need to find some tutorials, but it’s pretty interesting so far.