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Proud To Announce Our HIVE Witness

Operating a witness node is our way of demonstrating commitment to maintaining the place where we all love to play, create, build, and earn, the HIVE Blockchain!

As you'll see in our witness road map we have a long term plan, and with it a solid commitment to the blockchain gaming community.

Our Mission ⚔️

We have made it our mission to promote Hive Blockchain Gaming to the world, and by doing so attract new users to our games and onboard them to the Hive blockchain. We are Hive blockchain gaming advocates, and believe fiercely that gaming is one of the best use cases for blockchain technology and that it should play a key role in adding value to and growing the Hive blockchain user base.

If this sounds like something you could get behind we would love to have your support with a witness vote. We pride ourselves on being accessible and engaging with members of the Hive gaming community. Feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns.

Our Commitment 🛡🔑👊🛡️

Reliability: Our first priority is server up time. If at any time we run into any hiccups we will immediately focus on determining the root cause and a solution. I have access to a robust mobile data and home internet plan allowing persistent internet connectivity. I'm available and able to access our witness server through mobile SSH from anywhere at anytime.

For this reason I believe that we have an opportunity to be a reliable network presence. In addition we are committed to keeping the community up to date and in the loop with regards to our server status.

Transparency: The @battlegames witness server is managed by @agr8buzz, I'm not anonymous on HIVE as I do occasionally share information such as my name and location. In addition to this I'm happy to share my LinkedIn through Discord for anyone that is interested.

Values: Last but certainly not least we are committed to promoting and upholding a positive set of values: We believe strongly in protecting liberty, asset ownership, freedom of choice, thought, and expression, and a censorship resistant internet through blockchain technology. We are committed to upholding these values as a community, as a business, and as a witness on the HIVE blockchain.

Gaming: From day 1 our mission has been to support gamers, content creators and game developers here on the HIVE blockchain.

Server Specs ⚙️

Our witness is configured and running on a VPS provided by Privex Inc, a trusted company founded by one of HIVE's own top 10 witnesses @someguy123.

Disk(s): 500G HDD
CPU(s): 4 cores
Network: 100mbps

This particular VPS is located in Sweden, a country known for a stable government/economy and stringent data privacy laws.

Our Witness Roadmap 🗺️⛵️

0-12 months: Within a years time our aim is to upgrade to a more powerful server with additional RAM and SSD. In addition to this we would like to add a seed node to assist with broadcasting transactions across the network.

1-3 years: Add a full public RPC node to our witness offerings along with a backup node capable of providing uptime continuity in the case of an unexpected outage.

Every Vote Counts 🐦👾🐦

A Battlegames witness vote is a vote for Hive Blockchain Gaming.

We believe fiercely in gaming as a blockchain use case and we're excited about our commitment to further the gaming community here on HIVE.

Every vote counts! It signals that we're a trusted community member and network participant and allows us to eventually earn rewards for signing blocks.

Our Ask 🙏🙏🙏

Please consider voting our witness on the HIVE blockchain.

You can vote using Hivesigner here: Vote for Battlegames Witness Here
Or vote through Peakd.com interface: Vote for Battlegames Witness Here

We are happy to answer any questions for you or hear your suggestions, the quickest way to reach us directly is in our Discord server, where we've created a #witness-talk channel specifically for this purpose.


See you on the battlefield!



We've produced our first block!😍 43671360


Thank you to everyone that has made this possible with your witness vote.

You have my sword! I mean my vote!

And now all we need is a Bow and an Axe! 🤣 Thanks for the witness vote @eddiespino, much appreciated 👊

And my bow!

And my SAX!

Love it!

Haha amazing!

You got my support!

Thank you @atnazo 👊💪🙏

Awesome, thanks @rentmoney 👊🏻

Pay for the upgrade to the SSD guys, its well worth it if you guys are going to be monitoring your logs. And do remember to run a pricefeed guys please. I see too many witnesses who haven't updated their feed in months(and one that hasn't updated ever, and yet they are in the top 100).

Solid advise, it's in the Witness road map! The plan is to be able to upgrade RAM and SSD later this year. Thanks for your support! 👊

Congratulations buddy. Good move. 😀 All the best. 👍

@bala41288 Long time supporter, thank you! 👊

Cheers! 😀

I think it's great, I'm going to take away someone's vote and I'm going to give it to you, who help more than some whale here

On the plus side you're voting for a full 30 witnesses which is awesome! aaaand thank you for the vote, we'll represent that vote well for you 👊

Excellent news for the gaming community of Hive and in general, I wish you the best in this new path you have started as a witness. Voted as a witness. Best regards!

Thank you @franz54, it's a vote for gaming on the HIVE blockchain! Much appreciated! 👊

Vote if you are a gamer!

100% Thanks for the support @mango-juice, means a lot! 👊

battlegames is reminding me of this Simpsons clip

Hahaha awesome! here's to twirling towards freedom! 👊

Woohooo! Off to vote...

whoo-hoo! ✨ Thank you @risingstargame, apprecaite the support and looking forward to leveling up our support for gaming on the HIVE blockchain 👊

Love what you are doing, sending support units witness vote.

Thank you for helping us to construct additional pylons! 👊

Congratulation for all the winners 👏😁

Hey @muhammad-wali thanks for the support! Big win for gamers on HIVE 👊

Nice my friends 👌


Thanks! 👊