Revisiting my Post on Anal Retention! (A throw back edition)

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Three years ago I was writing like the fiend that I am and covering or uncovering interesting and silly topics. I had made a grammar error and some dude went off in an essay about how I used an oxford comma wrong or something insipid like that. We all write and play Hive differently and in my hierarchy of life needs, pleasing everyone with perfect punctuation does NOT rate very high.

Which leads me to my Magnum Opus, "ANAL RETENTION IS MORE ANNOYING THEN MY UNFORMATTED FORMAT!". Some people want to do memes and songs and just display cool art, some want to write novels and both are valid. I'm going to rehash this GEM and hope you enjoy it as much as I did revisiting a time where posts made 500 dollars for just being amusing or in the "Golden Age" of blogging.


"This is an incentivized outlet and how YOU choose to use it is not up for debate in my personal opinion (which also means nothing so don't listen to me ;) ). People will think their work doesn't ever stink and feel compelled to give you unsolicited little pointers on how to do things. Get back to me in six months to see how many blowhards are still sticking around. Some say never stop posting or take breaks while others take time off and come back because imho, it is probably healthier to step away from the screen rather than becoming an anus retainus. <<<<(made up a word, oh noes!)

Wait , there is more... Everyone has a different style in the magical world of blogging. I don't find that being anal retentive and giving unsolicited advice is any better than letting people write how they damn well want to. There are guilds and groups who will sit for hours having pissing contests about how to structure your blog.

This is YOUR blog, not theirs......period

Others mean well but think that they are immune from having their wings clipped when they spout off on users because they feel like writing about whatever they freaking want to. If you are that concerned about how everyone else utilizes the platform you may be in dire need of unplugging and probably need to remove the log jammed up the area where the sun don't shine."

Now years later it seems the Grammar Nazis have chilled out and things have gone a little less serious and more to the fun side which is what half of us are on here to begin with. A sense of humor is needed if you want to play in the money game land and being primarily an investor means one can toy around a bit more with that FUN side

See you around with both a Hive Torch post and Part 2 of the Eris series and more topics being doodled about will drop later this week! Thanks and remember to Upvote and follow your local black sheep blogger!

#blacksheepblogger is a new initiative by @battleaxe for those of us who have been on for awhile and do our own things ! Maybe not all of us wanna be tied down (well depends in which way one is tied down amirite? :P

giphy, zingerrug, deepfake is mine, have a nice day


All the clowns that used to downvote my posts and moan about crap have buggered off now! I think global warming has made them extinct.


def climate warming, buggering off is a good thing

Perfectly spoken ... it's your damned blog. YOU can do anything you want on your blog. Lurve ya for who you are! And reading your blog is every time bringing a slight, or big smile on my face. Thanks for that!

And I rather see you as a black dog. Loyal as fvck!

hahahha, no joke, BlackSheep Blogging to the MOOOOON!

I always liked the black sheeps better anyway. They usually stand so much more out

they age better too, I mean I am a product of the 80's, ouch

I won't say a word... Shhhttt

blacksheepblogger, i like it. Enjoying your rants rite now m'lady!

heheheheheh :)

Yeah blog what you want, how you want it, and don't give a rat's anus about what other people think.
I only draw the line on plagiarism that gets boosted to the trending pages during the "golden age" of micro-blogging.
I took some time off but I am back and trying to get busy with Hive and communities again!

welcome back, yeahhhh exactly :)

This is YOUR blog, not theirs......period

This statement was missing an ending period, and there should be a space between the ...... and the words. 😀

That said, there are definitely some people who have too much time on their hands and need to focus on things that are really important, like world hunger, or even animal shelters. Seriously. If people focused their energy on being productive and solving problems we'd have far fewer problems, and more happy dogs.

no joke, am juggling a ton of projects and not only do I not give a shit about splitting hairs...i refuse to and you are right about time on the hands. "Idle hands are the Devils tools!!!!!" lollllll, anyhow glad to see you my friend,
yeah there are way bigger problems then dissecting others blogs because guess life must be rather boring or fucked up if the main issue in someone's life if how to use an oxford comma. lmfao, I wish I remembered what post it was on , was sooooooo hilarious to be honest

its nothing more than your blog and only you decide how literacy to maintain in it 23.gif

lol or argue much of anything at all , lol love it

I believe as long as I can understand what you are saying, it's all good.

When I do a blog, which I haven't done in a week... ha ha..... I always try to read it over a few times to check for typos or grammatical errors, but many times, after I have posted, I find some I hadn't seen. I do go back to try to correct them, but I'm sure I may not catch them all. I'm hoping it doesn't ruin the experience of the reader.... ha ha....

a ton of readers actually don't read , they uv for curation and treat it as a business which it is...........Thanks for the comment Jacey btw. Some of us write because we choose to and not because we have to ;)
that also is valid, I find typos and try to corrrect at times...other times, if the message is conveyed I don't bother. See ya around :) <3

you have the Hivetorch! Please pass it on to keep Hive on fire!

heyo :) yeah I told XCounty it would be a week before I could do a post on it and it is done and outtie! <3 fun initiative


thank you! think is a very very unique idea! thought the Octopus/Gif was kinda funny i put in there....following you now <3

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