Determinism vs. Free Will: Decentralization - Shaken, not Stirred

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This was my first post to hive, but apparently I didn't have my keys figured out yet. So, hopefully it will post now. :)

"Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism. The way you play it is free will."

-Pandit Nehru

I'm sad to say it seems like I've missed a lot. I am however greatly happy to join the revolution.

"Justin Sun will destroy the Steem blockchain and shake the foundation of decentralization," they said.

But, here's the problem.

There is something special to be said about everyone in this community. This community is not Steem blockchain. This community has its own identity. If Hive turned out the same, I believe the same community would find another way to be free, protecting the things we care about most - Our IDEAS and our VOICES.

Steem blockchain wasn't just about blockchain - not for us. Steem blockchain is a place where we, as a community, found each other. We entered, one by one, through various funnels and to our surprise, found like-minded people who believed in the entrepreneurial spirit, the freedom to express ourselves, and the power to make our own decisions.

... and you know what ... that spirit hasn't died.... IT HAS PROVEN IT'S STRENGTH

Here is a quote that Mr. Sun could take a note from, and that we as a community can delight in - CAUSE WE'RE NAILIN' IT!

"Manpower without Unity is not a strength unless it is harmonized and united properly, then it becomes a spiritual power."

-Sardar Patel

I will miss saying things like, "STEEM ON" and calling all you fellows (and fellays?) "Steemians" but it brings me to a very clear realization.

None of us were ever Steemians.

We were, and still are, just a group of free thinkers. They'd have to literally kill us - 'cause we're born this way.

-by @badseedalchemist

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It posted. :)

Yess!! It did! I had a hell of a time posting today. It kept telling me to login with my posting key. I figured out that when encountering this problem, if you simply change something in your account settings and login with your posting key AGAIN there, it will allow you to start posting again. Took me a minute to figure it out, but got it! :) How are you COBBER!??

All good here...Well, all fucked really but as good as it can be. We've got the same restrictions as most other countries and I took a fairly hefty pay cut for the moment...The next stage is job loss. faith is also copping (taking) a hit with income so we're not going so good...But we'll be ok...We'll make it through.

Hopefully you guys are coping well...I'd imagine you are as you've dealt with a great deal of adversity before. You going to be around here more?

Yes. I'm gonna try to be around more. We are doing really good. I'm working on some websites while advancing (slowly but surely) into a career of freelance writing. Pretty much everything has been affected, even some of the jobs I was doing. Got hired on to a venture backed start-up making $30/hr and an automotive OEM parts writing for their websites that was paying around $40/hr.... barely got to work and basically SHUT DOWN... open contracts with no work. Sucks. Sorry to hear you guys are struggling, but we know you're resiliant AF! You have plenty of supplies, right? ;P

Oh yeah, we got supplies dude...We're all good there.

Good to hear you're picking up some work, not so good it's shutting down here and there...Still, the positive is that you're getting it and doing something you enjoy.

I was sure you would. We laughed about it, "hmmm... wonder if they are ready for something like this?" Audie laughed immediately. I have a lot of respect for preparation. One day... we'll get there.... :) Till then, we always know we could swim to Australia! :D

It's a long swim...Make sure you don't become a shark biscuit though. If you come across a Great White Shark just tell him you know me...You'll be right cobber. Lol.

LOL. I'll let 'em know - Captain G. sent me.

Could not agree more, free thinkers with a sense of community and caring. Sharing ideas, thoughts, art, food, flowers, gardening, photography and fun.
Having the unique opportunity to share experiences in life from people from all over the globe. I really enjoyed steemit, I met some wonderful, smart and caring people there.

Thank you for this wonderful comment! I really enjoyed Steem too, but from what it looks like, we're all still here! It was the people that made Steem so great. Hope you are well!