The whole world went crazy

in #hivelast month

I didn't see much of the sun in the latest days due to the rain, so when we finally got a break from it I enjoyed some time in nature.

I would say that temperature are not all that normal, I mean it is colder but for some reason we need to have a few worm years in between two catastrophically cold.

I am not sure if that is how it suppose to be or everything went to hell. I expect or kind of feel that this winter is going to be much colder.

At least IF I can still believe my feeling. I am rarely wrong so this one should be cold, with snow. I hope not with the blizzard, because I hate those.

A few years we had that sort of a climate fuckup when the whole nature would misunderstood what is going on, and instead the fall programming, it suddenly went into a spring mode because of the high temperatures.

Basically, you could go outside and the trees were blossoming - and the shittiest thing ever - all that was destroyed a few days after the first frost.

I am not sure if animals feel all those changes, probably do and if people suffer because of the sudden weather shifts, I guess the animals are even more exposed. The whole world went crazy.

And is questionable and debatable how much of this old world we still have on our disposal, because it doesn't look like we have all that much.