Make content creators feel relevant and leave no post behind

in #hive2 months ago

What happens if a website becomes a drop zone for posts without any interaction? It doesn't look much of a thing, right? I am highly subjective, but I think that a feedback is the most powerful tool when it comes of building a functional community. Some will say that is a waste of time, but can you please go to the Twitter and see how much time people there WASTE.

I don't think they are wasting anything. If you live life constantly thinking how much you waste, I mean that is a true waste. Of the space in your head.

If people see any webpage as a new thing, but no comments under posts, they will see it as just another drop post junkyard. It is not a bad thing to monetize your content on various platforms, especially if it took you time to create, model, write or compose. Everything that is creative takes time.

This is what happened to many websites, people did not use it as a website but as a faucet and move they moved to the next more interesting or lucrative thing. Same thing that was happening in the multiple Discords. Where can I paste my link and get an upvote from a bot, and then repeat about 20 times. Robots are perfectly fine, it is how we use them.

Usually everything works great and dandy in the start on any earning website. And that is all certain kind of people need and want. Once shitty, they will leave the website and move to another milking cow. You hate to see it? So do I.

More and more I am aware of the fact that there is little real conversation happening under the posts, in general. That gives an impression of an empty or less active community. I think that is a topic that should be discussed.

I am not talking about inviting people to challenges or rewarding them for that activity IF they reach certain number of comments, points or votes - I mean you can do that, but then what ...- because there is a bigger possibility to induce comment spam and not a real conversation.

Think about it. It is maybe the best buy solution for any platform to succeed. Make content creators feel relevant and leave no post behind.