The perfect time to promote Hive's social community.

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With awareness/frustration growing about how big-tech is able to censor, restrict, and even remove your personal social media accounts, I think now is the perfect time for us to get out there and promote Hive as an alternative.

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I have been a member of the newly named Hive community since August 2017 and, believe it or not, when I began I wasn't even aware that I was being rewarded for posting. In truth, for the first few months, at least, I didn't earn a bean and this was because, as almost all of you will know and understand, it takes time to get noticed and to build a community of supporters/followers.

I joined Steem/Steemit without any awareness of cryptocurrencies or blockchain tech. I came here after hearing about this community from James Corbett, who was offering alternatives to "the norm". All I wanted to do was to find somewhere new, somewhere far away from the toxic mainstream environment. The Steem community was the perfect tonic and one which helped me escape a very bad relationship between myself and my online acquaintance.

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As with most bad relationships you have to create some distance to see what the real problems are. In the moment, it was easy to blame others for not understanding my POV and from my perspective, their ignorance was to blame for our disagreements and misunderstandings (I would also bet my last HBD that those I annoyed and antagonised felt just the same, except it was my ignorance that was to blame). Looking back I honestly can't absolve either party of all the blame but what I can now realise is that there was someone/something in the shadows helping to fan the flames. When it comes to mainstream social media sites, divisive algorithms play a huge part in forming and confirming people's opinions and while my Facebook feed supplies me with the fuel I needed to encourage my ego, my counterpart was also being spurred on by the same manipulation techniques. And so we entered into an endless cycle of misinterpretation, frustration, and inevitable hatred.

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Facebook doesn't care if we lose friends this way, and it doesn't care for the truth either. Facebook only cares about advertisement revenue and controlling its users. I am in no doubt that Facebook and its contemporaries are there to give people a false sense of control, a false sense of freedom-of-speech, a false sense of security, and (most importantly) a false sense of reality. Truth be told, and many are now coming to realise this, all the things I've just listed can be taken away without any recourse or justification and even though these things are fake to begin with it means a lot when you have no alternatives.

But everyone here on Hive knows there is an alternative and this is the perfect time for us to be singing the praises of an uncensored platform...

One where there are no coercive algorithms.

No secret agendas.

No hidden markers to where free-speech begins and ends.

And best of all, somewhere you are valued and rewarded, not only, as the customer but also as a creator.

A place where our personal information is not sold to the highest bidder and our friendships are not forsaken to clickbait.

We are in control of our online environment!

We are the ones who steer this ship!

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Being part of the Hive community has been an awesome adventure and one I would like to share with all those I've left behind. It would be very interesting to see how all those angry conversations would have played out had they all been conducted on Hive, a place where tolerance is encouraged alongside debate. It also has to be stated that the Hive community has opened my eyes to all sorts of different interests I never knew I would follow, be it creative writing, monster card games, creating my own music, poetry, or just enjoying the company of new people. We have so much to offer and it has always astounded me how underrated this brilliant blockchain really is.

I know there are many people out there who feel exactly like I did before I found the Hive community. People who are fed up with feeding big-tech. People who are fed up with being controlled. People who are fed up with being spied on and dictated to about what is right or wrong.

Now is the time for us to guide them to a better place and show them that there is another way, a better way.

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If we can't grow hive now I think we have a problem.

Yep, it seems like shooting fish in a barrel but I still feel there is a disconnect because of the whole crypto-hoodoos. People just fear what they don't know. Many people I know on Facebook think bitcoin is the devils plan and that I'm playing into the hands of globalist. I get their point and agree to some extent but then I know more about crypto/blockchain than they do and I see the other side to it.

This would have been a great post for the Hi From Hive community which is an ongoing initiative but not very active at the moment. It's for people to talk about their Hive experience and pin it to a map so people (such as non Hivers) can read testimonials about Hive. This post below give you more information about it and how to pin it on the map. It would be great to see more from UK.

Thanks for the compliment and I see if I can cross it over to the initiative you mentioned.