HIVE/USDT Diesel Pool has been created

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Hey, if you want to be able to trade your Hive for USDT... well, now you can!

Go to, click pools, and you have to go to the second tab for now, but there's $30k worth of liquidity there. It's a good start.

Hopefully everyone enjoys the ability to trade Hive for USDT! have fun


Been waiting for this one, EPIC! Now for USDT/HBD and we can arb these mad gains we getting in HBD


where is the link? and whats a diesel pool?

It's their version of a liquidity pool you can check them out here -

Awesome! Does that mean we can now transfer USDT directly into Hive as well?

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What incentive is there to stake HIVE & USDT to create liquidity for this pool?
Do liquidity providers earn fees?

I see there is some rewards system but it appears to only be applicable for tokens you control the issuance of, not things like HIVE & USDT.

I'd love to have the ability to trade HIVE to and from USDT inside the Hive ecosystem but without much more liquidity its not going to be useful.

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It's being worked on

you should compete with @blocktrades and @uniswap and just offer people a cut of those fees you and make .... just like we have on


maybe just start with @someguy123 ask him to share those @privex fees for people who actually deposit BTCP or swap.BTC and add to the pool, its simple! THEN someguy123 will MAKE SO much more off those fees if he for example only takes 0.25% and shares 0.75% with those who deposit and add to pool NOW they get a cut of that 0.75% in fees and peoepl will deposit MUCH more than 4x hah

now someguy123 makes a lot more off taking a smaller fee because he shares that fee with new users who yield farm.

like this on by @avral where you get a cut of the fees ? hah hive engine should decentralize those 1% fees damnit


This is fantastic! Thank you. Finally an alternative to unstable HBD.

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interesting news

How does it work? Am I able to get USDT from an exchange bring it across and buy Hive? I wouldnt mind that option

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On Hive Engine you can deposit some ERC tokens now, and USDT is included. So you can just select Deposit, then ERC tokens, and then it will connect with you metamask wallet where you can then deposit USDT (and BAT, and a few others too)

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Unfortunately for these great opportunities that open up on Hive/TribalDex, you still have to pay Ethereum fees to bring them to Hive and then back, if you want to.

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I agree gas fees in general are a problem, even with BSC the fees are starting to rise with the rise in BNB. We are blessed here on Hive with free transactions

Yup, that's true, but still far from the problems Ethereum faces. However, if BNB goes up another x5-x10 times, this will become quite serious on BSC too.

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Well if the price goes up, surely the witnesses (or whatever you call them on BSC) will drop the price from 10 Gwei to something lower (like 1)?

That is certainly easier than on Ethereum, since Binance practically controls everything.

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Yes that's how it works as far as I know . There are already many pegged tokens on Hive-engine which we can deposit and convert ( buy ) hive with .

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Adding these ERC20 tokens (as well as a Hive-USDT LP now) brings more opportunities for Hive holders. I remember you said you'll do the same with BEP20 tokens, since the code adaptation is minimal between the two. Those additions will also be beneficial, while BSC fees are still reasonable, unlike ETH.

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combine hive engine, BSC, (wax eos bos proton and telos) and ethereum EVM bridge for the ultimate bridge from altcoins to ethereum and BTC by adding EOS USDT which has 0 fees and EOS PBTC and PETH and PLINK , then we can actually have usable functional EOSIO tokens with millions in daily liquidity on the eos side

There's an urgent need for better cooperation and interoperability between blockchains.

They can't expect regular users to become acquainted with the platforms, interfaces and tokenomics of every ecosystem they might need for some operations.

Thanks for sharing. While I'm not familiar with EOS and its forks, it looks like everyone is beating Ethereum on fees right now. It wouldn't be hard either.

telos is not a fork , its an independent eosio main net

Yup, I got it from the chart you added yesterday. Thanks!

What is the rule for the time an order goes before it expires. I noticed right when HBD pumps, instead of getting my order filled it just expires. Last time this happened too?? I just put them back myself. Is there a way to set good till cancelled, maybe good until date, good for 90 days?

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Very cool!!

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Sounds interesting. I didn't know we had USDT on HIVE.

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wow that's huge

Thank you very much for creating this! Much appreciated!

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Great! I've been talking with my friend few days ago about Hive trade possibilities should expand. I think it's a great improvement. Very good news!

Great news. Upvoted and added to my Curation Trails.

is there a way to earn fees for adding liquidity?

Anyway, really cool

Cool, I was just pondering on a Stable coin wondering which would best.

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Can USDT be sent to Blocktrades to send to coinbase, or can you send USDT directly to and from coinbase?
Personally, I'm not sure what else it would be good for, but my lack of knowledge about cryptos is probably pretty obvious.

where is this?? is this Dswaps?

yall never post any links lol

why isnt this linked somewhere on hive-engine? put a big button somewhere on @aggroed ! We all want to see new stuff on that site

where is this?? is this Dswaps?

yall never post any links lol

why isnt this linked somewhere on hive-engine? put a big button somewhere on @aggroed ! We all want to see new stuff on that site and theres plenty of stuff like this to link to hive engine

also u need to host the actual front end static HTML of ( @beggars ) like Uniswap has its front end hostable on IPFS! sounds complicated but its not

its like a really slow but steady always on version of hive engine , maybe youre already sort of there but ya know we can PAY peopel to help HOST hive engine's actual front end

but soon the keychain app will have markets hahaha then its off to the races