HIVE moving averages about to cross

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So, I'm no TA expert, but the basic rule is the trend is your friend. in this case the trend often refers to the long term moving averages. Are they heading up or down? if they are heading up then you're in a bull trend. If they are heading down in a bear trend.

Here's the long term chart of HIVE.


You'll notice that all the moving averages have been moving down for a while. That said if you look at the top image you'll see that in 3 days the short term moving average of HIVE is about the cross the medium term moving average of HIVE. For a trend to reverse this is a necessary step.

I think it's safe to say that the only bullish signel that I can find on this chart is looking like it's happening in 3 days. let's hope that means that the price action of HIVE finally reverses this death spiral.


Fingers crossed, because Satoshi wise we are in the deepest shit as far as I can remember

This part ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾

I’ve been sick watching it fall for months, but I have a feeling this might turn around and melt our little hive socks off.

The more people who get into crypto can only grow the user base and make hive more valuable.

I’m biased but how can people be in crypto and not have at least 1 hive account?

I would say that if we pass the Steem market cap within the next two months we will officially be in bull territory.

I agree. HIVE is at a short and medium term inflection point. If we can break through these levels it would flip the charts to a degree.

I do know there is a trend of people here on Hive, that are posting more on Steem.

Elaboration is key here boy.

I noticed and taking notice because they are not posting here at all. I wouldn't take notice if they posted the same shit on both platforms...

Death spiral?

We just needed to get rid of all the stincy folks.
I'm waiting to see how many popup with surprise accounts after the price recovers from all their selling.

I don't like short term trend analysis.