Fundamentals of Hive's layer 2

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Day by day I work with talented teams of people building more stuff on Hive. For Splinterlands I'm looking forward to rolling out a new player tutorial experience, Azmare Dice cards to replace orbs (should be live next week), and we're getting into the heavy lifting on guild wars and the land pre-sale.

For the backend of Hive-Engine I have a robust list of work to complete that enables new smart contracts, automated trading, and integrates additional cryptocurrency ecosystems. Essentially Hive-engine is facilitating programmable money and we're working on new options of how to use it.

We're just a few weeks away from another new major tool for the ecosystem we're calling dswap where you'll be able to automate trades on the Hive-Engine market and also manually activate Swaps between the different tokens or cryptos quickly and easily. The later should make it possible for all the sites that are using Hive or Hive-Engine to easily accept whatever crypto they want and convert to Hive while traders have the opportunity to earn every time that happens.

For front end websites we've recently unveiled,, and there's more of those in store for the chain. Next up is a site for tokenizing NSFW kind of like a crypto Only Fans. Also on my list is a website for stock music, voice, video, and photography to piece together commercial content.


I like to build things. I like to invent things. I find crypto to be an amazing sandbox, where we can reimagine what some of these sites look like where opportunity for gain is distributed to all members. And success of the project is beneficial to all participants. Generally speaking, we all go to the same moon. So, here's hoping that the work that I do to build tools you can use for financial gain and social engagement enable the entire community.

What's exciting beyond the various market sites I'm working on is that the backend tools that underlie them are opensource and usable by anyone in the community. Check out Leodex. Check out the dicty marketplace. See the various games. Other's are latching onto the tools and building out new functionality that helps pull people into the Hive ecosystem.

People are the value

I've held one belief about crypto above all others since I felt like I really started understanding it.


You can talk about technology, marketing, hype, innovation, and a bunch of other stuff, but the core of it all is people and community. This is one of the reasons that it resonates with me when Dan talks about it as Layer 0 of the blockchain. The absolute bedrock is people.

When I think about building the community, what I'm often drawn to is the idea of an eddy in a river. People's attention are constantly moving down this river, and eddies are little places that have captured some of it for a while. If the eddy is small the time spent there will be brief. If the eddy is large the time spent there will be longer. I think our goal as a community is to expand the eddy as large as possible with as many opportunities for social and commercial interaction as possible.

As I've been thinking about how to grow the cryptocurrency movement and bring people together I try to think about how to build things that allow people to work and play together, to earn money, to make friends, and feel like they're part of something. Just having blogging isn't enough, just having splinterlands isn't enough, just having a few markets isn't enough. We need to keep growing the ecosystem so that there's more games like dcity, Rising Star Game, and Krypto Brew Master. We need more sites for things like job boards and crypto dating. We need to replace the outdated model of centralized everything, with some tools that blend the public transparency of blockchain with the private wealth generation of companies.

What makes Hive worth the effort and time spent here?

through four years of having deeply embedded myself in crypto I've come to realize a few things.

Scalability is the most critical piece.
Fast block times are essential for convenience and regular commerce.
Real, engaged people are the primary driver for success.

Hive has these. It also avoids absurd gas fees.

What's the heading?

So far I'm really enjoying the tokenized markets that have been coming out. is off to an amazing start. There's so much gorgeous art and it's awesome to see crypto twitter lit up with the talent that we have from our community. We've already seen it pull people from other places into our community and spending their crypto here.

It's my hope that by adding new sites for tokenizing and trading that new people will be drawn into the community. What's fun to watch on sites like Twitter is how getting new people begets getting new people. New artists come into nftshowroom, and they draw in new artists. it's a virtuous cycle.

So, generally speaking, the goal is to bring in people and help them find ways to earn money and socialize with another. Each step along the way brings us new friends and new value. And if it all goes according to plan then as the world shifts it's focus to crypto in the face of unprecedented money printing that Hive is front and center with financial and social opportunities.


So very cool!

I think the NFT show room is great.

From a marketing point of view, I think all the show rooms (Photography, art, NSFW ect..) should all be under one Domain name (If you are the one making them). Having them all under one banner would bring more traffic to that one site and open up the door for more sales of art (someone comes for photography, but buys Music), to many places and you water down the market, and fewer people will post on other sites.

Case in point:
For a creator like myself, I have several works up on NFT showroom, they are photo art, I am now confused if I should move to the other platform (, will I now get less or not get any sales on NFT? or I have to pay a second time to post on and NFT showroom, too much...

If I may suggest, focus on that one platform, develop it more with features (like add formatting to the descriptions) top-level filtering like Photography, art, NFT, Music... ect... Build in promotional tools (like I can send it to with a click), add user contest features, add in Auctions when the price goes up with each bid for 7 days, allow notes / poems to be added to works by guests... so many things.. Focus and make that one site great!

Or if you have the many domian names, have your one doman name as the top of the unbrella, and the othe sites under it, but all the work is linked togetere by subject tags, so I can post to NFT show room and select art and photography, and my work will apear on the NFT page and the Photo page. (*this would be great).

Just my thoughts,

Keep being amazing. :)

Best of luck @aggroed :) I really think that you and the people you work with are making huge, positive change to Hive ecosystem. The whole blogging/social aspect should be like 10% of Hive value and the rest should be financial services and things like gaming, ads etc.

Anyway, time to start buying some bees :)

It would be interesting if you could post some stats regarding NFTShowroom such as number of articles, pieces created/sold, and numbers of different buyers.

This might help to show people the growth rate of this new application that, from the looks of my feed, is garnering a great deal of attention and activity.

that would be interesting to see

Off-topic question: Good afternoon. In December 2019, I participated in the purchase of Splinterlands UNTAMED, where we were promised stickers, T-shirts, books, print decks and so on. The sending of the parcel was constantly postponed, in May 2020 it was promised that the awards were sent to everyone. But I still haven't received anything - could you explain to me where my awards are and when I will receive them? I posted on but they haven't answered me yet.

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email me at aggroed at splinterlands dot com

I sent you a letter.

I read this article as if looking at the very bright future of hives and cryptocurrencies. I imagine everything is going very beautifully. We hope the hive ecosystem rotates smoothly. Good luck what you are doing.


Thank you for the mention. Hive is an amazing place to build and the community we have playing Rising Star is so awesomely friendly that it is a real joy!

Really looking forward to the music site you refer to!


Hey @aggroed, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

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These centralized entities(exchanges, job boards) will be glad to take your labor or money, but then once it is time for the withdrawal, proof of your identity suddenly becomes an issue.

IMO, the future is clearly IoT.
Bridging the material world with this digital/virtual world is key. Be it networking, asset tokenisation, and full Ai/brain expression. The latter, imo will become the future Base System. Because at the end of the day we are all virtual entities FIRST - Consciousness - Which then commands a physical system: Organism (primarily to obtain energy). Anyway that's getting ahead of my point but it's needed to paint the picture.

The true bridging takes place when everyday actions are integrated into this digital front which more and more expands into our physical world. Smart cities are already in effect (new organism). The last task is to integrate The Human (as cells of that new organism) to be part of the progression of connectivity + Data Mining. Which is why we're existing now transitioning (somewhat forcefully) into that digital age.

So my point is that 'the token game' needs to go all the way into the everyday human tasks. For that is, truly A ONE SYSTEM which has human exist as the analogues to this digital reality which is evolving. (Which coincidentally, doesn't actually need FACT in order to be REAL). So in an example, I see @actifit as actually ahead of the pack. They just lack the marketing and funds to push that out into the wider world. Because that's true next layer. That the behaviour of a real human, such as exercise, can sustain the system, and the system rewards in return the physical action.

Such integration could even solve real world problems of society. For example youth and substance abuse is a real problem. Yet the only form of correction is punishment. I imagine a system of rewards, similar to actifit where the movement is rewarded. Meaning a person dancing all night gets rewarded for that action. So then, the incentive to move away from substance abuse exists in the reward. A person choosing to take substance gets a little. A person not utilizing substance on the other hand gets greater reward. Even enough that results in the price of that event nullified. Such an incentive exists as a no brainer: "do I take substance and pay for it all, or do I not take substance and enjoy my fun paid for". That person then (and the mass effect) exist to then ensure the system utilized has real world users (analogues) that sustain the system/network infrastructure.

Obviously these systems/devices aren't even in existence yet. However, they are already utilized in one form or another. Fitbit after all is the device utilized for many things already. Ai also well developed to be the BIG BRAIN that manages it all.

We really are in the embryo stage of all this becoming realized. Which is why some might see it as a completely crazy idea.. but really, the systems which we have lived by for centuries, ARE what is outdated.

Virtual Reality will be THE REALITY. In many forms. The "loss" then exists when these systems (Blockchain, web 3.0, etc..) aren't capitalising on the always remaining "meat packet actions". So IoT won't just seek to connect machines to the system, it will encompass the entire world. Viewing 'the world you're imagining' as only a digital system existing as mere closed communities is not future thinking.

I like to build things. I like to invent things. I find crypto to be an amazing sandbox, where we can reimagine what some of these sites look like where opportunity for gain is distributed to all members.

Love this

The real asset is our community

Hey aggroed. I've been away for a year or two and I came back to the split chain. I'm still trying to process it all and was wondering if you knew of any good articles about or any good info about I? I'm glad to see some familiar faces around still. I always like theycallmedan too, before he was ever on Steem. And I didn't like Justin Sun so much, before he bought Steem. I'm so behind I didn't know he bought steemitinc.

Anyway sorry for rambling. I'm glad you're here. Still working and building things.

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Thanks, glad to see you still around! How's life been?

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Busy as always, glad to see you back.

I'm a little late seeing this but I have two questions for you @aggroed

  1. Will there be a relatively simple way for newbies to take BTC, ETH or any of the big coins and directly buy a Hive-engine held token?

  2. Can we have some way to price tokens in USD or against other stable tokens/big tokens?

Just from our point of view with the $SFUB token @apshamilton and I are using for our #CryptoClassAction, that has a meaning for a current USD value price that isn't really linked to the value of Hive.

SWAP.TLOS deposits don't work