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RE: Shadowing: The Art of Productive Stalking in Hive

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But the truth is, it is a serious thing. One of the best ways to be in the shoes of these people is to replicate what they do, and replicating their best practices means studying and understanding their behavior and do those things on your own at par with their standards or even surpassing them.

Now if this message can be sent across the entire blockchain, that would be great. This works and the fact that most would prefer to envy than learn from what works is one of the best income opportunities available. Well if people are busy listening to their feelings of entitlement, then they have less time to be your competition on the market.


Yes, I think that's the problem with most people. I have that feeling of enviousness sometimes, but almost all of the time, I feel happy when people succeed in anything they worked hard for, and I like to imagine myself achieving the same feat.