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RE: Happy Hive Birthday (To Me)

in #hive3 months ago

47, the cat is out of the bag now :)

I wonder if there were options to stake an earn, if content would continue at the same amount and quality.

Congrats on 3 years, my 4th passed recently but as most of it was on Steem I didn't mention it.


It's funny how 47 doesn't even sound that old to me. TBH 50 sounds younger than 40 something too.

I can't imagine why anyone would give their stake away to anyone under The Wolfe's system?

I never realised you got in so early! How come you don't have like 500K Hive or something? I thought that was the way it worked!

I like what edicted has to say about staking, although I don't understand the ins and outs.

I was mostly silent for the first 8/9 months, 100k is enough isn't it?!

Well if goes to $2 that's your mortgage paid off right there!

I guess it's also significant in voting terms if combined with a bunch of other people!

$2 is life-changing for me. We can but hope!

It really wouldn't take that many people to get onboard and invest to see that price increase, not in the grand scheme of how many people are into social media.

I'm hoping this stagnating user base is now the bottom and we'll see a gradual increase from here!

True. Yes these past few months have been pretty stable, we are ready for some action!