The mad genius of Hive-Engine: building games with off the shelf contracts

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So, just want to let you guys get a glimpse into the whole hive-engine ecosystem and why it's going to be insanely bad ass in the not too distant future.

  3. Pack Manager Contract
  4. Mining Contract
  5. Governance Setup
  6. Beechat
  7. Front Ends
  8. Tribes

This isn't the exhaustive list by any means, but I think it can serve to give you an idea of where it's heading.

  1. Hive-Engine allows you to create fungible and non-fungible tokens. The fungible tokens are automatically listed after creation. It currently costs $16 to make a token. You can make a crap ton of NFTs for cheap.

  2. currently allows market making where whales can ensure liquidity. There's no fee per trade so you're making money without "taxes" all day long. The market taking side where we'll help you swap tokens on the exchange is coming soon(tm).

  3. Pack Manager is a game changer. We're about halfway through the ability to offer a backend that facilitates a no-code nft collection contract like an erc-721. Choose some settings and launch your NFT COLLECTION.

  4. The mining contract is a game changer because now you can pull an off the shelf smart contract for mining a token. Again, it's a no code experience. You're putting in configurations and settings, but not making your own contract.

  5. Governance setup means that you can use a governance token to change parameters in a different part of what you're doing. So, we can enable another account access to editing of NFT settings and the mining contract. Users can stake/burn tokens to tick the bot to alter settings. Now users/players have the ability to alter game rules with governance tokens they have. It's Game On!

  6. Reaz just put out a post where he documents the now open source client side of a hive-wide chat system called Beechat. What this does is allow you to blog on a website and chat with someone on a different website because anyone that uses this is able to interconnect.

  7. Front ends are what allow you to view websites. We've built a fantastic template with Reaz that will have many features encoded into it. It can have a separate CSS so anyone looking to style a webpage can manage that.

  8. Tribes can have the tokens integrated, and have a system for attracting users especially if they have collectible NFTs.

So, how do all these things start playing together? Off the shelf, in a no-code way, game creators will have the ability to create a token, set it's rules for mining, make NFTs, have a governance mechanism to influence the rules, run a website, have that website chat with the entirety of Hive, and have a social site where people blog about their project for the hope of getting project coins which attracts players to the game.

Obviously this isn't gonna cover every gaming option, but the basics of off the shelf, NFT-based, yield farming are gonna be present. More sophisticated games that go beyond complicated mining schemes are gonna need a splinterlands like team to push the boundaries. Anyway(s), all this should make for a great end of 2020. Shit's gonna get lit.

When will it all be in place? I'm targeting November for fully functional mining games to go live. Find an artist guys. You're gonna want one!

If this is something you want to appear or participate in I would welcome you to pickup some BEE and WORKERBEE while you can afford them.


This is nice.. but when decentralization? When there will be an incentive to run a hive engine node?

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When the code that we have works properly.

Good question. This is all cool, but when will this go really decentralized?

it’s already decentralized enough imo

If you are saying you are making it easy to setup a token based game on Hive, then sign me up. I like this hyper creative way everyone is working to make Hive even better

Pack Manager is a game changer. We're about halfway through the ability to offer a backend that facilitates a no-code nft collection contract like an erc-721. Choose some settings and launch your NFT COLLECTION.

Love this! keep going Aggy doing awesome work!

Wery interesantli :)

Too fast! I can’t keep up with the possibilities.

Cool, finally bought some BEE 🐝 Looking forward to the updates :)

Pretty awesome!

This sounds promising but I simply can't handle. 👏 . I don't have enough knowledge, but I'll follow your development :)

Hive-engine is becoming more serious week by week. It has big potential.

I don't understand the purpose of mining contracts. Basically, it's a way to sell shares in future inflation, without any useful purpose. Am I missing something?

Wow, so much going on! Hive is such a great chain for creating games and it looks like it's going to get even better!

Cool, hoping to get something good off the market.

Absolutely brilliant! I'm expecting some serious developments on @splinterlands side too :)

More and more ideas in my beery mind.....

Thanks for all your great work

Hive-Engine is the best thing ever invented on the Steem-Hive Blockchain .... ever.

This is the 10+ Message:

We from the CC Team, miss our Founds on the @commentcoin on the Steem Blockchain for Swap to Hive. You will find it the Transaktion on the wallet of CC in Steem.

We want our money back please.

Thank you.

Workbee Token... I cant find too much information on it, can you point me to some info on what it does?


Thank you for sharing these features that are going to bring more users on the Hive blockchain.